• Entering the second trimester…

    March 9, 2016

    So, here I am in my second trimester, eagerly awaiting this burst of energy, and regularly checking the mirror for that gorgeous pregnancy glow…

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  • Dog nail transfers from Hello Harriet

    March 6, 2016

    Combining two of my favourite things – nail art and dogs with these Hello Harriet dog nail transfers…

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  • The Surprise Project

    March 4, 2016

    I have some exciting news that has already completely changed my life, and I wanted to share it on here…

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  • Freddie the Frenchie

    February 23, 2016

    Freddie is a French bulldog, and was 5 months old when we got him. He lives up to the stubborn nature of Frenchie’s and I can’t lie, he’s been an absolute nightmare to house train.…

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  • Simple chocolate tiffin

    February 14, 2016

    I felt like making something tasty this morning, but also wanted it to be quick and easy – I’m currently marathoning How To Get Away With Murder so naturally I didn’t want to be spending…

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  • New York

    January 28, 2016

    New York has always been one of my favourite places to visit, and I’d only ever been in summer, so after the mild winter we had in England, New York in January was definitely a…

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  • New Year

    January 4, 2016

    Last year had its ups and downs, but overall it was a pretty amazing year. The beginning of a New Year tends to be a time for resolutions, and so I thought I’d jump on…

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  • Anxiety: Break it down

    November 10, 2015

    One of the problems with not having a set routine is that extra time on your hands can invariably lead to over thinking. If I’m honest, I’ve found that my anxiety has become harder to…

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