• Creme egg brownies

    March 20, 2018 Hels

    I really enjoy baking but I don’t usually have much time to do it, but with Easter just around the corner, I thought it was the perfect time to bake some creme egg brownies…

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  • Healthy habits as a family*

    February 21, 2018 Hels

    Sam and I try to eat as well as we can, and this is something we very much want to pass on to Dougie. Now that Dougie is a little older, he eats pretty much the same meals that we do…

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  • Foodies Festival

    May 30, 2017 Hels

    Bank Holiday Monday was spent with the lovely Abbey at Syon Park, exploring the Foodies Festival. Be warned, this post is mainly going to be photos of food πŸ™‚

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  • Rice Krispie spring treats

    April 15, 2017 Hels

    Now the days are getting longer and the sun is starting to appear more regularly (although it’s not quite time to ditch the coats yet) I thought I’d make some fun, springtime treats. I wanted to do something relatively quick and easy, and Rice Krispie treats seemed like the perfect option…

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  • Traffic light smoothies

    August 5, 2016 Hels

    Smoothies are such a good way to make sure you’re getting plenty of fruit and veg, and there’s a bit of a health kick going on in our flat at the moment, which is great. I’ve been trying out a few new recipes and wanted to share my three favourites…

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  • Interview: Yummy Mummy Nutrition

    April 26, 2016 Hels

    Since getting into running and fitness a few years back, I began to realise that eating properly is just as important as doing exercise. For baby-shaped reasons (and a torn Achilles) I had to defer my London Marathon place this year, but I am planning to take part next year, and with a baby on the way, I thought now was the perfect time to learn more about nutrition and what I should be eating to give my body and…

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  • Easy Easter treats

    March 27, 2016 Hels

    Chocolate cornflake cakes topped with mini eggs are definitely one of the yummiest and easiest things to make, so as it’s Easter, I thought I’d share my recipe…

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  • Simple chocolate tiffin

    February 14, 2016 Hels

    I felt like making something tasty this morning, but also wanted it to be quick and easy – I’m currently marathoning How To Get Away With Murder so naturally I didn’t want to be spending too long in the kitchen! I have a bit of a sweet tooth so I decided to make chocolate tiffin…

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