Making a House our Home – Moving With a Toddler*

December 2, 2019Hels

“There is no place like home.”
― L. Frank Baum, The Wonderful Wizard of Oz

If you follow my blog, you’ll know we moved house just over six months ago. We moved from south east London to Surrey, so while it wasn’t the furthest move, it felt like a big change. 

Moving house with a toddler is definitely a challenge, and Dougie’s happiness was at the front of our minds during the whole process. 

There is SO much to consider when you’re moving house, and moving to a new area, so I thought I’d share a few of the things we did before our move…

Choosing the location

When we started looking to move, we knew we wanted to find our “forever home”. We wanted to make sure we were in the right place for good schools, plenty of playgrounds and outdoor space, and good transport links were important to us. 

When you’re looking to move, using a property stats tool like this one from CIA Landlord Insurance proved to be invaluable. Being able to quickly and easily compare house prices and view crime rates was so helpful. It made me feel much more confident about the area we were moving to, particularly as we were moving with a toddler. 

We looked at so many different areas before we settled on our location. I would have loved to have been closer to my family, but as Sam’s job is based in London, we had to be commutable to London, and a lot of our friends are close by which is brilliant. Sam grew up in this area, and his family are still nearby, which is great as it means Dougie gets to see plenty of them. 

Exploring the area

Once we decided on an area, we spent a lot of time exploring it. With Sam’s family living nearby, and the fact Sam grew up around here meant that we knew a lot about the wider area, but neither of us had spent much time in this specific area. We wanted to make sure there were plenty of parks and open spaces for Dougie, and of course I did plenty of research on the local soft plays! We have a good high street, and we even tried out the local pub (which has a playground!) and some of the restaurants before we moved.

Making the move

Once we’d (finally) sold our flat, we had to start the fun of packing. We used the move as an excuse to have a huge clear out – it is unbelievable how much stuff you accumulate, especially when you have a toddler! We decided to pack up Dougie’s room last – we wanted as little disruption for him as possible. We’d been to view our new house several times, taking him with us, telling him which would be his room and hoping to get him used to the idea of being in a different house. This was hugely important to us as it was such a big change.

Toddler essentials in the new house

We wanted somewhere that had plenty of space for Dougie (and his future sibling!) and when we found this house, aside from having enough bedrooms, we were drawn in by the conservatory. Initially we had dreams of creating a kind of tranquil conservatory filled with plants, but it slowly transformed into a playroom for Dougie, and it’s perfect. We had bi-fold doors installed which is lovely as we can just keep all his toys contained…in theory – inevitably they spill over into every corner of our house! 

See how else we’re making a house our home:

Our kitchen
Master bedroom
Work space

*This post is sponsored by CIA Landlord Insurance but all opinions are my own

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