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August 30, 2019Hels

“There is still time to turn everything around. We can still fix this. We still have everything in our own hands.”
― Greta Thunberg – No One Is Too Small to Make a Difference

*This is a collaborative post

So now the kitchen is complete, we’ve been trying to work out what to do with the rest of the space. We’re extremely lucky to have a large open downstairs area (now we’ve knocked down a couple of walls!) and so we were deciding how to make the best use of the space.

While I do go into the office once a week, I work from home for the majority of the time, and so a huge thing for me was having my own space to work, rather than sitting on the sofa with my laptop in front of the TV.

I decided I wanted a ladder desk to work at. We have a large dining table, plus an island in the kitchen, and I didn’t want another table that would inevitable end up getting cluttered. I spent a lot of time finding the right one (at the right price!) and eventually came across this gorgeous one from The Range. I spent an afternoon putting it together and ta-da! I’m so happy with it!

Over the last year or so, I’ve actively been making an effort to be more eco-friendly and I’ve taken steps towards living more sustainably, both at home and while I’m out and about.

I’d never really thought much about how “green” my workplace was. Seareach has recently done a survey looking at what things make an office green, and what elements play a part in improving the workspace, and the results are really interesting.

I love working from home, I find I’m more productive, generally work much harder but equally I feel more relaxed. Not stressing about the hour-long commute is also a huge thing for me, especially now I’m five months pregnant, and after reading the research from Seareach, I realised that working from home can be hugely positive for the environment, which hadn’t really crossed my mind before…

Going paperless

20% of offices have said they have gone paperless – cutting down on printing is an obvious change that makes such a difference. I don’t have a printer at home, and all my work is stored digitally, but I’ve become aware of how often things are printed out unnecessarily at work – I actually pointed out that rather than printing out several copies of one document, which is a waste, maybe the document is emailed round to everyone involved, or just one copy is printed, which everyone can look at.

Waste bins

Labelling waste bins is another huge one. The recycling facilities where we used to live were awful, but now we’ve moved, we have all the council bins, and Sam and I invested in waste bins for indoors, each of which are clearly labelled so we know what goes where. The clarity of what items can go in which bin can really help people to recycle correctly. Check with your local council’s website as what goes where can differ from council to council!

Reducing your carbon footprint

Many offices offer schemes such as the Cycle to Work scheme, encouraging people to jump on a bike rather than using the car – by working from home, I’m able to reduce my carbon footprint, and even things like taking Dougie to nursery, I choose to walk him there rather than dropping him off in the car. Plus, I save money on petrol and travel costs, yay!

Less plastic waste

One huge advantage of working from home means that all my drinks are enjoyed in either a mug, glass or my reusable bottle. When I was working in office every day, I would almost always end up buying lunch, which tended to be a meal deal or similar, and this inevitably involved a lot of plastic. Taking a reusable water bottle into work can drastically reduce the amount of discarded plastic.


Working from home gives me the freedom to choose HOW I work. I can cover my work space in plants and make the most of the natural light in the room, I can use LED bulbs, which are more cost-effective and require much less energy, and if I can’t do something digitally, I can use recycled paper.


Do you have any other tips on making your work space more environmentally-friendly? I’d love to know!

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