Making A House Our Home – The Kitchen

August 9, 2019Hels

“Ah! There is nothing like staying at home, for real comfort.”
― Jane Austen

I’d like to start by saying I am not an interior-designy person by any stretch, but we’ve spent the last three (stressful) months renovating our new house, and I really wanted to share our progress on here.

When we had our offer accepted on the property, we knew there would be a lot to do, though we didn’t anticipate quite the amount of work there was!

The house is still a work-in-progress, but we’re getting there…

Building work

Our priority was the kitchen. When we moved, it was a small, cramped galley kitchen, and the design was really terrible. We knew we wanted to knock the wall through into the dining room to make the downstairs open-plan.

This involved a structural engineer, and getting the council round to check the walls and some technical things I don’t totally understand.

We then had a few problems with a builder, who basically left us with half a knocked-down wall and a whole lot of mess. Thankfully, we got a new set of builders who have been brilliant.


The floor in our kitchen area was ripped up, and we debated trying to find a match for our old floor, a dark wood-look laminate, but neither Sam or I were particularly excited about that, and so decided if we were going to have to redo some of our floor, why not redo the entire floor downstairs?!

The dark floor and the black beams on the ceiling made the downstairs feel very dark and dingy, so we decided to go for a brushed white engineered wood floor. We originally wanted herringbone but it was just way too expensive. I’m SO happy with our choice though, the entire downstairs feels like a new place.

Kitchen design

Our new kitchen is from Wickes. We shopped around, but we loved their design for the space, which isn’t huge, and they fitted it for us in four days. I think we’ve made the most of the space, we opted for a slim dishwasher, the hob is on the island, and we’ve even managed to slip in a wine cooler, because…why not?!

As you can see, there are two stools at the breakfast bar. We spent so much time deliberating over what bar stools we should get – did we want swivel chairs, adjustable ones etc, but we were conscious of price.

We went to the British Heart Foundation, where we’d bought some furniture before, and we found some really simple wooden stools that were the perfect height. They cost a whole £10 each, so we took them home, and I spent an evening sanding and painting – I’m pretty proud off them, they fit so nicely at the breakfast bar – and Dougie loves sitting on them! I want to buy some cushions for them to make them even prettier, so if anyone has any suggestions for where I could look for some, please let me know!

For the other kitchen details, the big one was the tiling. We chose petrol blue gloss ceramic metro wall tiles – we wanted a splash of colour and we both absolutely loved this shade. The tiles were fitted for us but I did the grouting which I’m very proud of!


Our kitchen is now very nearly complete – you might notice the blue stickers on the windows – the windows were the wrong ones so need replacing, but once that’s done, it’ll be finished!

I’m planning to share a few more interiors post over the next few weeks as each room comes together!

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