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June 15, 2019Hels

“There is a time for many words, and there is also a time for sleep.”
― Homer, The Odyssey

I love sleep, (who doesn’t?!) but with an energetic toddler, a love of numerous cups of tea and the habit of mindlessly scrolling through my phone whenever I’m bored, I don’t ever really feel truly rested.

When Bed Guru got in touch to ask if I’d like to take part in their two week #ChooseSleepChallenge, I jumped at the chance. I was sent a guide which gave me some tips and suggestions to improve my night’s sleep, and it also included some really interesting facts about sleep, most of which I’d had no idea about!

Bed Guru gave me a sleep diary to fill in over the two weeks and to see if I noticed any patterns. Over the two weeks, I tried to stick to the tips for the challenge:

1. Go to bed at a similar time every day.
2. Exercise daily, but not right before bed.
3. Enjoy your caffeine early, not after 2pm.
4. Avoid the night cap. Alcohol actually disrupts sleep.
5. Keep your room dark and below 18 degrees.
6. Ban electrical devices an hour before bed.
7. Eat no later than a couple of hours before bed time.

For the most part, I was able to stick to all of them. I didn’t drink any tea after 2pm (which was HARD when I was in the office!), I didn’t drink any alcohol, I used Dougie’s old GroEgg to check the temperature of the room, and I swapped my bedtime scrolling for reading – which I try to do anyway but sometimes it’s easier said than done!

My one big variable however, is Dougie. If he sleeps, I sleep. If he’s awake, then you can bet I’m awake too. His sleep hasn’t been great recently, with bedtimes taking forever, which means Sam and I don’t really get an evening, and he seems to think that 5:00am is morning – sometimes earlier, and it’s not unusual for him to wake up during the night asking to come into bed with us, or for me to sit with him until he goes back to sleep.

I obviously can’t really control Dougie’s sleep pattern, but I felt these sleep tips gave me the opportunity to get a better quality of sleep, and even if Dougie ended up in bed with me, I’d still get as good a night’s sleep as was possible. With Dougie waking up so early, I’d try and counter this by going to bed a little earlier each night (although Love Island did make this difficult at times…)

I definitely found that cutting out caffeine and not scrolling through my phone made a world of difference to my sleep. I found it easier to fall asleep, and I felt like the sleep I was getting was deeper and more restful. I also made a point of not eating before bed – I usually eat a couple of hours before bedtime anyway, but often end up having a snack or something while watching TV with Sam, and I didn’t do this during the two weeks.

I found the #ChooseSleepChallenge really interesting as it made me think more about how much my choices can affect my sleep. While I can’t control Dougie’s sleep pattern, I can work with it to benefit my sleep as much as possible. I honestly feel like the quality of my sleep improved, and I’m definitely going to stick with the routine.

Do you feel like your sleep could be improved?

*This post was kindly sponsored by Bed Guru but all thoughts and opinions are my own

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