Turning 30 – celebrating the achievements

October 8, 2018Hels

It was my 30th birthday a week ago, and I was lucky enough to be able to spend lots of time celebrating with my friends and family.

I’m usually fairly indifferent towards my birthday, but I was looking forward to my 30th as it seemed like a big milestone, plus it’s in October which is my favourite month! For me, autumn is the best time of the year, and my favourite seasonal wardrobe. I’ve been living in these gorgeous aubergine suede boots* that were kindly gifted to me by JD Williams and styling them with chunky knitwear – how gorgeous is this green jumper* (also gifted) and skinny jeans. I was so flattered when I was approached by the PR to choose and style some autumn boots that it got me thinking about how far this blog has come, and how proud I am of it.

I often talked about the things I wanted to achieve before I turned 30, and now I think about the things I want to do now I am 30, but it’s not often I sit and reflect on the things I have achieved! Holly wrote a great reverse bucket list post which inspired me to write my own list, celebrating some of the things I achieved before I turned 30…

Ran the London Marathon

This is something I would be proud of doing at any point in my life, but I ran it around seven months after having Dougie. The marathon was one of the hardest things I’ve ever done, but I raised money for the Alzheimer’s Society Memory Cafes and I’m so proud of completing it.

Completed my MA during the evenings while working full-time

This was a very exhausting year for me – I started my MA at Birkbeck, which was 6pm-9pm (and some weekends) and then I got my first full-time job as a copywriter for ASOS, so I spent my days writing product descriptions and my evenings learning about journalism and writing my extremely long dissertation – all about how print journalism has changed due to the rise of bloggers and social media.

Passed my driving test

Fifth time’s a charm… I started driving lessons when I was about 20, failed a couple of tests, gave up, started again, redid my theory etc… I tried taking the test in London which was just awful, I struggled around London drivers, my anxiety was sky-high, I couldn’t manage it. Eventually, just after having Dougie, I took my test in Leicester and managed to pass. I still get anxious at the thought of driving sometimes, but once I’m in the car, I’m actually fine!

Bought a home with Sam

Sam and I always talked about buying somewhere together, and almost four years ago we bought our flat in south London. We are looking to move somewhere bigger, but I will always love this flat – it was our first home together.

Persevered with my blog and secured some amazing collaborations

This has also involved a lot of hard work, a lot of frustration and a lot of “Oh, I give up!” moments, but I’ve persevered. I’m so grateful for the opportunities that I’ve had through blogging. I’ve been able to work with some wonderful brands, and I’ve made some incredible friends.

Visited some incredible countries

One summer while I was at uni, my best friend and I travelled to Japan, Australia, Fiji, New York and California. Sam and I have taken a lot of trips together, some big ones, including Vietnam, Sri Lanka, Singapore and Thailand, and several city breaks – Paris, Rome, New York and Budapest. For my 30th, Sam surprised me with a trip to Goa, India at the beginning of November and I am SO excited. I know how lucky I am to be able to travel, and I’m so grateful I’ve had these opportunities.

Successfully kept my small human alive and happy (most of the time)

Dougie is my greatest achievement. I’ll keep this short, and I won’t get too soppy but he really is. Watching him grow every single day is the most amazing thing ever and he makes both Sam and I so incredibly happy.

This list isn’t meant to sound braggy at all, but I tend to get quite reflective around my birthday, and as it felt like a big birthday, I wanted to share these!

What are your proudest moments?


*JD Williams kindly gifted me these boots and jumper, but all opinions are my own

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