How to be the perfect autumn blogger

October 2, 2018Hels

I love autumn, I really do. I’m all about cosy nights in and chunky knitwear, plus it’s my birthday season and our wedding anniversary, so to me, autumn is the most wonderful time of the year. 

I also love how autumnal everyone’s posts become, and how Instagram slowly transitions into reds, golds and oranges, it’s so beautiful! I always feel more motivated in autumn too – maybe it’s something to do with the longer nights and the lure of cosy evenings in, snuggled up with blankets and hot chocolate. This was a post I wrote last year when I noticed a few autumn blogging trends coming through, so I thought I’d update it this year – how to be the perfect autumn blogger…

Order faux leaves and gather up those autumnal flatlay props

I actually bought mine for wedding decorations before realising how perfect they are for flatlays. I also bought a load of autumn leaf fairy lights from eBay – they featured in our wedding last year and now they pop up in the majority of my Instagram photos! Conkers, cinnamon swirls and scented candles are also necessary! 

Change your Twitter name

Something seasonal, preferably spooky – I’ve gone for Helloween, I’ve seen so many brilliant and creative ones! Also add a cute leaf or pumpkin emoji after your name 🍂🎃👻🍁 I’ve also started to make my Instagram feed more autumnal, with reds and oranges creeping in! 

Take the “feet in leaves” shot

A classic. Find the biggest pile of beautiful, crunchy leaves, jump in and take a photo of whatever cute autumn boots you’re wearing. Even better, include the hot drink you’ve got warming your hands.

Find conkers

Another classic Instagram shot – ideally get someone else to take this looking down on your hands while you hold a load of conkers, preferably while you’re wearing a cosy chunky knitted top. Also if possible, paint your nails an autumnal colour too – I currently have bright orange nails!

Visit a pumpkin patch

I didn’t even know this was a thing until photos started popping up on my Instagram. I obviously googled, but South London doesn’t seem to be big on pumpkin patches, so I’ve not managed this one. I did however sit Dougie in a pile of leaves last year for the perfect autumn shot. He didn’t love it as much as I hoped he would… I also bought a couple of munchkin pumpkins on my weekly shop, so that counts, right? Maybe this will be the year we make it to a pumpkin patch…

Bring out the knitwear

Gone are the summer days of off-shoulder tops, and I for one am grateful, they never looked quite right on me. Finally, we can bring out the mustard yellow cardigans and the cosy knitted jumpers. My entire wardrobe is currently made up of stripy chunky-knit jumpers and I could not be happier.

Drink all the hot drinks

I have a confession: I have never tried a Pumpkin Spiced Latte, and I’m okay with that. I do however love a hot chocolate, and drink tea by the gallon, so I’m all about the pretty mugs, the marshmallow toppings and seasonal flavours.




What’s your favourite thing about autumn? Have you done any of these this year? 🍂🎃


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