A recipe for the perfect girly sleepover

September 11, 2018Hels

Phone off, kettle on (or Prosecco open) – here’s how we had the perfect girly sleepover…


  • Nightwear
  • Food and drink
  • Face masks
  • Home baked goods
  • Tea (lots of tea)
  • TV (we opted for Harry Potter, The X Factor and Friends)


Take a generous helping of prosecco, a slice of pizza and some banana bread, mix together with cute nightwear and a face mask or two. Enjoy with your best friends and finish off with a cup of tea! 

I’ve written before about how, as a Mum, I have to find ways to maximise my sleep. While I hate leaving Dougie for any length of time, sometimes it’s good to get away for a bit and be myself, rather than Mum.

I hadn’t seen the lovely Kate since we visited Kew Gardens, which seems like forever ago, and so we decided a sleepover was in order.

I went to Kate’s lovely flat, and was greeted with a mug of tea and some freshly baked banana bread – this evening was off to a great start!

Kate’s banana bread


  • 140g butter
  • 140g self-raising flour
  • 140g caster sugar
  • 1 tsp baking powder
  • 2 eggs
  • 2 bananas


Fan oven, 180ºc. Throw everything into a bowl. Whizz with an electric mixer.  Grease the baking tin and poor in the mixture. Bake for 40 mins (check after 20), and when you can insert a knife that comes out clean, serve with a nice cup of tea!

We changed into our nightwear pretty early on – it always feels much more cosy for some reason! I’ve been sleeping in my gorgeous Float Away nightshirt from Yawn*, which was kindly gifted to me. I absolutely love the print of it, and it has two front pockets, perfect for storing your phone, biscuits, or more often than not, Dougie’s train toys… It’s really lightweight cotton, but it keeps me really warm.

We popped open a bottle of prosecco and put a pizza in the oven, and Harry Potter was on the TV – perfect! As we are both bloggers, we naturally spent some time taking photos of our food and setting up some flatlays, which is something I rarely get the chance to do as Dougie is like a bit of a hurricane in our flat…

We watched The X Factor while we ate our pizza, and somehow a second bottle of prosecco was opened. The face masks went on, the bubbles were drunk and we just didn’t stop talking! I’ve only known Kate for just over a year but it honestly feels like we’ve been friends forever. It just goes to show that blogging can really introduce you to some incredible people, it’s so much more than just writing!

Sleepovers, or any kind of night away from Dougie are pretty rare for me. I wanted to enjoy not being woken up by a toddler shrieking “MAMA MAMA” (although I did inevitably wake up at 6am wondering why he wasn’t shouting for me…) and I wanted to make the most of being me, being able to catch up with a good friend about anything and everything, enjoy a drink and not worry about tiptoeing around for fear of waking up a toddler.

What are your favourite things to do when your friends are staying over?

*Yawn kindly gifted me this nightdress, but all opinions are my own

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