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August 20, 2018Hels

I’ve made several changes in my life over the last few months in an effort to live more sustainably, and I thought I’d share them here…

Recently, I’ve found that I am putting more and more effort into living sustainably. I’ve been trying to ‘better’ myself, (such a vague, cliché comment I know) and I think blogging has played a huge part in this. I see people sharing vegan recipes that look amazing and I want to try them. I have friends striving to go plastic-free, and I find that incredible and inspiring, and it pushes me to try.

Vegetarianism & veganism

I often found myself choosing veggie options if I was going out to eat, and aside from the bonus that they tend to be cheaper, I was finding that I felt better, less bloated and although I was full, I never felt too full from eating. I made the decision to become a vegetarian almost two months ago, and I’m SO pleased I did. I’ve also been making vegan choices as much as I can. If anyone has any favourite recipes, please send my way, I’m really enjoying creating new dishes and trying new things…although I’m still really, really not a fan of avocado.

Being healthier was a huge part in my decision to become a vegetarian. It’s really important to make sure that any big dietary changes you make are beneficial to your body and your health, and that you are getting all the nutrition you need.* offers a huge range of health tests, including a “Should I Be Vegan” test, which can help you identify if a vegan diet is the best option for you, so you are able to make the right decision. There are three tiers of these tests – basic, standard and comprehensive – depending on how in-depth you want to be. You can even receive 25% off all vegan testing when using the code HELS25 – yay!  

Choosing a biodegradable phone case

I have always been someone who loves buying phone cases, but I tended to buy plastic ones that inevitably ended up with cracks or scratches on. My wonderful friend Hannah, who is doing an amazing job of going plastic-free, mentioned Pela to me. Pela is the company behind the world’s first 100% compostable phone case. I had a browse of their website (and as a result, it started popping up on my targeted Instagram feed on a daily basis!) and I thought the cases looked great. They’re BPA-free, eco-friendly and safe for children. The cases come in plastic-free packaging and the company donates something from each sale to environmental initiatives. I loved all the colours and decided on the lavender case. They cost around $40 (it’s a Canadian company) so they aren’t cheap, but I’m seeing it as an excellent investment. They do currently offer free shipping, and often have special deals on. I love my case, it feels lovely and I think it looks really pretty.

Reusable water bottles

I was guilty for far too long of buying bottled water. I would reuse the bottles but still inevitably end up forgetting them and buying another plastic bottle. I’ve invested in a stainless steel bottle and I love it. It keeps my water cold, it encourages me to drink more, Dougie finds it fascinating (and now obviously refuses to drink from anything else), and it’s such a lovely colour!

Bamboo plates

Now Dougie eats pretty much the same meals as us, I wanted to get him a proper plate and cutlery etc. We’ve bought him a bamboo set – plate, bowl, cup, fork and spoon – with a cute monkey design on, as he is obsessed with them! He seems to really love his new set, and definitely prefers the bamboo cutlery to the plastic ones he has had throughout weaning. It’s all dishwasher-safe which is great, and I love knowing that it is eco-friendly.

These may all seem like small things, but I want to keep making changes and taking steps to live more sustainably. Do you have any recommendations or suggestions for more sustainable and eco-friendly living?

*This post was kindly sponsored by HealthLabs, but all opinions are my own.

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