August Advertisers

Meet my August advertisers

August 1, 2018Hels

Pinch, punch, first of the month… August?! I can’t believe how quickly this year is going!

A new month means it’s time for some new advertisers, and I am so excited to advertise these three women. They are all bloggers I really admire, and it makes me really happy that two of them have previously advertised with me and wanted to do so again!


The Life of Dee

The Life of Dee: Denise has been blogging for around five years, which I think is amazing! She posts a range of parenting, lifestyle and food posts. Her journey through pregnancy to parenthood is amazing to read, and her son Noah is absolutely gorgeous! She shares some great blogging tips as well, I love her post on 40 photography background and prop ideas, I’ve referred to it several times! Her Instagram is bright, happy and colourful.

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Lisa’s Notebook: I was so happy that Lisa asked to advertise with me for a second time. I absolutely love her blog, and it’s such a privilege to advertise her. Lisa’s lifestyle blog covers pretty much everything, from parenting and family to gardening, books and beauty. She writes brilliantly, and her posts are so informative and well researched. Her latest post on finding the perfect eye care is so detailed and interesting, I love it when I learn something when I’m reading blogs! I love seeing her photos pop up on my Instagram feed, they are always so full of colour.

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Dorkface: Jemma covers pretty much everything in her blog, with posts ranging from beauty and lifestyle, and most recently, her very open and honest pregnancy (eeee baby Dorkface!) posts. Her blog is always relatable and so well-written, and everything is bursting with colour and creativity. She also has her own Etsy store which is stocked with beautiful paintings, creative prints, bookmarks, pins and so much more. I know how hard she’s working on her Instagram at the moment, and I love seeing her photos.

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I’d highly recommend heading over to check out their blogs, they’re all amazing!

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