My 2018 reading challenge: What I read in Sicily

July 9, 2018Hels

Holidays are the perfect time for reading and relaxing…

…which is not really the case when you have a toddler who does not sit still, but I still managed to make some time for holiday reading.

If you follow my blog, you’ll know I do monthly round-up posts of what I’ve read, but I thought I’d break it up with a separate one for the books I read while we were in Sicily.

41. Theo (Amanda Prowse) ⭐⭐⭐⭐

In May, I read Anna by Amanda Prowse, and Theo is the other side of this love story.

Similar to Anna, the story begins in Theo’s childhood. Theo comes from a wealthy family, and is expected to follow in his father’s footsteps, to love the boarding school that his father went to and to join his father’s firm once he leaves school. He is bullied at school, with no real friends, his parents are more interested in holidaying with friends than spending time with him, and he has no interest in joining his father’s firm.

When he meets Anna, things start to look up for him, but his childhood struggles and his past start to catch up with him.

I was really looking forward to reading this book after reading Anna. I personally felt it seemed slightly more rushed – not necessarily a bad thing, because so much information about Anna and Theo’s relationship was covered in Anna, but I do think if you want to read this books, you pretty much need to read them one after the other. I really enjoyed Theo, it’s very well-written and explores a lot of different themes, and I loved hearing the other side of this story.

42. Midnight Sun (Trish Cook) ⭐⭐

Midnight Sun is the story of Katie Price, a 17-year-old who suffers from xeroderma pigmentosum (XP) which is a rare genetic disorder where the person is extremely sensitive to UV radiation as a result of a defect in the DNA repair system. There is no cure for it and those that have XP are prone to developing skin cancers, suffer from severe sunburn, and treatment involves completely avoiding the sun. Katie is home-schooled, and spends her days at home with her Dad. She has a crush on Charlie, who she has seen from her window, and she only comes out at night. One night, she meets Charlie who asks her to go out with him, and the two start to date. She chooses not to tell him about her condition, wanting to live normally for a change.

I was kindly sent this by Zoe. The story is very easy to read, I read it in an afternoon, but it just didn’t really appeal to me. I don’t know much about the disease, but I’d have liked to have had more of a background on it. The romance was very sweet, and I liked the characters, but it just felt very naïve, and I think it had the potential to be informative and ground-breaking, sharing and educating about a rare disease but it just wasn’t. Maybe that’s putting too much pressure on a YA romance, but that’s what I thought.

Midnight Sun

43. He Said / She Said (Erin Kelly) ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

This was my book of the month, so you can read my longer, more in-depth review here.

44. The Family Next Door (Sally Hepworth) ⭐⭐⭐⭐

A calm, pleasant suburb in Melbourne is the setting for The Family Next Door. We’re introduced to several women in the neighbourhood, Essie, Fran, Ange and Barbara. Each has their own story, their own issues going on behind the scene, but to the outside world, they seem happy and settled. Then Isabelle moves to the neighbourhood, she wants to get to know the women there, but isn’t very forthcoming about herself and her history.

It’s another story told from alternating points of view, and the reader gets to see what each family is really like. I wasn’t entirely sure where the story was going but I found myself really enjoying the ride. I bought this on a whim for my Kindle as it was only 99p and was described as ‘perfect for fans of Big Little Lies (Liane Moriarty)’ and I was pleasantly surprised.


What kind of books do you enjoy reading on holiday?

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