Meet my July advertisers

July 1, 2018Hels

Sunshine, ice cream and long, summer days – it’s July!

A new month means new advertisers, and I’m really excited to introduce these three bloggers to you…

Lisa’s Notebook: Lisa has a lifestyle blog that covers absolutely everything, from parenting and family, gardening, books and beauty. Her posts are SO interesting and informative, and always extremely well-written. I remember being so impressed at her post about a Frankincense Face Serum – it is so detailed! I always feel like I learn something when I visit her blog, and I never know what post to expect next. Her Instagram is so full of colour and vibrancy; I love seeing her photos pop up on my feed!

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Sunshine Sarah: Bursting with colour and filled with so many different topics, Sarah’s blog covers everything from travel, restaurant and product reviews, book tours and chatty lifestyle posts. I love her post discussing what a lifestyle blogger really is, and how you can make yourself stand out from the crowd. Sarah is hugely supportive of small businesses which I think is wonderful.

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Abbey Louisa Rose: Abbey is not only one of my favourite bloggers, but she is one of my favourite people. Her blog is filled with colour and personality, and she posts about a huge range of topics. She’s currently doing her PhD and I absolutely love her posts that talk about how she spends her days and how she’s getting on. She also has one of the most instantly recognisable Instagram accounts ever, going through different colour schemes – currently she’s on blue and it’s wonderful! I never know what Abbey is going to post about next as her writing is so versatile, but I do know that it is going to be an intelligent, thoughtful and well-written post, filled with gorgeous photos.

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