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June 20, 2018Hels

I was lucky enough to be able to interview the lovely Lucy Knott, author of How to Bake a New Beginning

Lucy Knott is known for being one half of the professional wrestling tag team, The Blossom Twins. She and her twin Kelly, share their amazing recipes, book reviews and travels on their blog, The Blossom Twins. Now, Lucy has written her debut novel, How to Bake a New Beginning, which will be released on 9 September. It’s the story of three sisters on a journey of self discovery after their beloved Grandfather passes away.

I’ve already pre-ordered my copy, and I’m so excited to read it. I was so pleased that Lucy agreed to an interview with me, and I loved finding out more about her and her book!

Aside from writing, what are your favourite things to do?

I love spending time with my husband and my family. No matter what it is we are doing, being with them is everything. I also love cooking and enjoy practicing my Nanna and Grandad’s recipes. I like to workout, play guitar (a new venture) listen to music (Harry Styles on repeat) and read.

I know how much you love baking, so what’s your signature bake?

 When we first really got into baking, about nine years ago now, we were living in America and cupcakes were our thing. We whipped them up every week and loved getting creative. From ice cream filled ones to peanut butter and double chocolate to banana and caramel, we were always experimenting and never out the kitchen. These days we’re back to our Italian roots and anything with Marsala or cinzano in it is our go to. (I shall add to this question that ‘we’ is my twin sister, Kelly, and I…it’s pure habit, I can’t help it!)

The Blossom Twins

You’ve had an incredibly varied career, from wrestling to writing, what has been your highlight so far?

 Oooh that’s a tough one. This book is my absolute everything, it’s all me, my heart, my passion and my words, so it feels very special. And if I can be so bold, I am proud of myself and the journey I have been on with writing it.

Living out my childhood dream of being a professional wrestler with Kelly will always be a highlight of life, like honestly, just the entire 10/11 years. We had a blast and pushed ourselves out of our comfort zones every day and it was just so much fun. Being in a ladder match at OVW was pretty awesome and then getting to be on Sky One’s A League of Their Own with James Corden was incredible! Ooh and doing TNA’S British Bootcamp was an all round fantastic experience. Wrestling gave me so many wonderful memories and highlights that I will forever be grateful for.

What inspired How to Bake a New Beginning?

 My husband. I’m a bit of hopeless romantic and even back when my husband, Chris, and I were just friends I felt inspired to write. I love writing love stories.

If you could describe your novel in three words, what would they be?

I don’t know if other authors do this? But I find it really hard to describe my book when people ask me what it’s about. But you know what? In speaking of love, I just smiled then and thought: Love conquers all: That’s kind of how I would describe it.

What was the process when it came to writing your novel? Did you have it planned out or did it change a lot as you wrote?

When I first started writing it, I did just that, I simply started writing. Then I would have moments where I sat and wrote down character names or plot ideas and I would cross things out and go ‘No, I don’t like that’. I re-wrote the first chapter a bunch of times before I was happy and set on my characters and the story I wanted to tell. It started off a very different book to what it is now. That was four years ago. In the last two years or so, it’s very much been just keep writing and following the flow, but I would have breaks were I went to a coffee shop and just wrote random chapters I could see in my head, in my notebooks. Then I’d fit them in after. I carry a notebook with me everywhere, so when I think of something I must write it down. I find that I can get inspired just by making notes of a country I want my characters to visit or something I want them to say, I write it down and then when I can sit with my story, I feel refreshed and ready to go. I did that a lot.

Where is your favourite place to write? What do you need by your side when you’re writing?

I started writing this book at my desk in mine and my husbands apartment in Louisville KY. I then wrote chapters around my families dining room table in England. Then the majority was written at my desk/on the couch with my laptop on my knee in our apartment in Clearwater Florida. The edits were then done at my mother in laws house in FL, sat on the couch with laptop on knee, and then mine and my husbands house in England, again with my laptop on my knee…I don’t know why I buy desks! 😜 It’s hard to pick a favourite place as I’m quite happy as long as I’m writing. I enjoy going to coffee shops for the change of scenery and inspiration, but I also love being in my cozy chair at home early in the morning writing away. Usually the only thing I need is coffee and my notebooks and it doesn’t hurt to have my husband close by either. I like when we can work by each others side.

Do you have any tips for aspiring authors?

It still feels incredibly surreal to be called an author. Eep! First, I would say to anyone and everyone who has a dream, that you are more than capable of achieving it and should never give up. You’ve got this and you can totally do it! For author’s specifically, I have listened and read many a quote from some of my favourite authors and all their advice stands true; “Write, write, write.” Write through writers block, write until you’ve hit that word count and write because you love the book you are writing with all your heart. Keep going and also, don’t be afraid to reach out to your favourite authors to ask for advice. I have been so incredibly lucky to be surrounded by such wonderful authors, due to mine and Kelly’s blog, and the kindness, support and encouragement they have provided me with has been an absolute blessing. I am forever grateful.

What are your three favourite books? 

Jack Kerouc’s On the Road

Jack Kerouac’s Dharma Bums

Eeek this is where it gets hard picking just three. I’m torn between Lindsey Kelk’s ‘I Heart’ series, Rebecca Raisins The Little Bookshop on the Corner and The Little Bookshop on the Seine and Lara Ward Cosio’s ‘Rogue’ series, ooh and Holly Martin’s Christmas at Lilac Cottage

I cheated there a bit, didn’t I?

What’s next for you? Do you plan to write any more books?

I’m not exactly sure what the future holds, but I plan on writing lots more books. I’m already working on my next one and have lots of ideas for more, so we shall see! Dreaming big!

How to Bake a New Beginning is released on 9 September 2018, and is available for pre-sale here.

You can find Lucy on Twitter and Instagram, and follow her blog, The Blossom Twins

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