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Brighton, brunches and Bank Holiday sunshine

May 8, 2018Hels

How beautiful was this Bank Holiday weekend?! Sam, Dougie and I had four full days together which was amazing.

I felt like writing a chatty catch-up, and as I had such a lovely weekend, I thought I’d share it on here!


Sam had a day off work, so we headed to Brighton on Friday, crossing our fingers for this promised sunshine, and the weather didn’t disappoint. We parked in the station car park, which meant we had to walk through the train station…cue SO MUCH excited shrieking from Dougie as he spotted train after train after train!

We headed straight to the beach, and Dougie was very uncertain at first. We had to coax him onto the stones, but once he realised he could pick them up and collect them in his bucket he was very happy! We went for lunch at Lucky Beach, (which Sam and I went to when we visited Brighton about two weeks before Dougie was born!) and got a great spot on the beach. Obviously Dougie didn’t want to sit in a highchair so I took him for a stroll along the beachfront while we waited for our food to arrive.

Lucky Beach lunch

After we’d eaten, we went back to the beach for a bit and Dougie was quite content to sit and play with his bucket and stones. Sam and I both fancied an ice cream, and someone had told us there was a big sandpit a bit further along, so we thought we’d head towards that so Dougie could play in the sand. It seems that Dougie takes after me with his dislike of sand, and he just wanted to run around with his buggy. We got our ice creams and immediately Dougie’s eyes widened (he’s never tried ice cream before). We got an empty cone and each put a bit of our ice cream round the edge of it, and he was in heaven.

It was such a lovely, relaxing day in Brighton (well, as relaxing as it can be with a toddler) and Dougie seemed to really enjoy himself. I love visiting Brighton, it’s definitely somewhere we’re planning to take Dougie to more often as he grows up.

Dulwich date night 

Dougie was going to stay with Sam’s family that night, so we dropped him off in Kingston, and then we headed back to Dulwich.

We went to The Crown and Greyhound in Dulwich Village to enjoy a glass or two of wine, and then we had tickets for a comedy evening at a school near us. We saw Hal Cruttenden, who we’ve seen before and is hilarious, Nina Conti, Rachel Parris and Carl Donnelly. It was a great evening, it’s very rare we get a date night! We got a pizza on the way home which was delicious, and as Dougie was with his grandparents, we got a lie-in the next day!

Pago Multivitamin Tropical fruit juice

I made brunch for us on the balcony – granola and yoghurt, plenty of fruit, almond croissants, pain aux raisins and we’ve been enjoying Pago’s Multivitamin Tropical fruit juice* – it’s so tasty and refreshing, and the bottles give you the perfect amount of juice. There are loads of different flavours available, including the usual flavours of apple, mango and blackcurrant, but also some mo ones, like rhubarb and pear We took a couple of bottles to Brighton with us – Dougie even had a few sips – it’s ideal for picnics and al fresco brunches!

Pago Multivitamin Tropical fruit juice

South East London parks

We did a little tour of the parks in our area over the next couple of days. Saturday was Dulwich Park where Dougie enjoyed the slides and the roundabout. On Sunday, I had plans to take Dougie to Brockwell Park in the morning while Sam was at football, but we forgot to take the buggy out of the car boot, so the buggy went to football with Sam, so Dougie and I walked to Bel Air Park which is near us.

We have a great pub across the road from our flat which has a kid’s playground, and we headed there for lunch with a couple of friends, and Dougie played on the little trike. Unfortunately, he quickly got bored of going up and down the ramp and round the playground and made a break for freedom (the busy road) so I spent a lot of time carrying him, playing ‘spot the bus/plane/car’ which seemed to keep him happy!

On Monday, Sam took Dougie to Bel Air Park again in the morning – we’d had a rough night with him and I hadn’t really slept, so Sam kindly let me nap! We went to Brockwell Park in the afternoon, complete with a mini picnic, and had a playdate with a couple of our wonderful NCT friends and their daughter Penelope. I love watching Dougie play with other kids, although he does get very protective over whichever slide he is on…

Sam and I have been able to sit on the balcony in the evenings, enjoying a glass of wine once Dougie is in bed. We’ve been watching This Is Us (have you seen it?!) and it’s the most amazing show, and has been such a great way to finish off the evenings!

Soppy moment, but it was honestly one of the nicest weekends I’ve had in a long time. Having proper time to spend with Sam and Dougie is brilliant. The sunshine makes such a difference to everyone’s mood, and aside from Dougie’s (lack of) sleep, he was SO well behaved all weekend. He’s understanding and communicating so much more, I can’t believe how fast he’s growing up.

How did you spend your Bank Holiday weekend?

*Pago very kindly gifted me a pack of fruit juice, but all opinions are my own.

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