Meet my May advertisers

May 1, 2018Hels

This month, my advertisers are some of my favourite bloggers…

Each of their blogs are so different and unique, and they are also three of the loveliest ladies in the blogging community. I really hope you’ll go and give them all a follow and check out their blogs, they are all incredible.

Milenka – Blushing Lately: Milenka launched her new blog, Blushing Lately last August, and I fell completely in love. Inspired by the slow living movement, it is one of the most beautiful, calming places on the internet, I can sit and read it for hours, curled up on the sofa with a cup of tea. Her photography is absolutely stunning and I read her blog to relax and unwind. I love reading her posts about the gorgeous places she visits, such as Castle Combe and Sandbanks, and she’s inspired me to visit and explore new places in England that I wouldn’t have thought about going to before.

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Blushing Lately instagram


Lizzie – Hello Lizzie Bee: After following each other for a while, Lizzie and I starting chatting more at the beginning of the year, and I was so pleased that she wanted to advertise with me. Lizzie is a gyaru fashion blogger, and her blog is amazing. She writes about everything to do with gyaru and Japanese fashion, as well as brilliant posts like Maybe You’re Just Not Good Enough (But That’s Okay). She also has a great FAQ page which I found really helpful as I didn’t really know anything about gyaru before I discovered Lizzie and her blog. She has such beautiful, pretty photos and I love browsing through her blog, I always feel like I learn so much!

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Hello Lizzie Bee Instagram


Abbey – Abbey Louisa Rose: I was so pleased that Abbey chose to advertise with me again! Abbey is one of the most supportive bloggers I know, and also one of my favourite people. She writes about absolutely everything, from how to shop more ethically to how she spends her day as a PhD student. She has one of the most recognisable Instagram themes at the moment – so colourful and yellow! She also runs the Blogger Book Nook with a fellow blogger, a monthly book club which I love taking part in.

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Abbey Louisa Rose Instagram

Go and give these three wonderful women a follow and check out their blogs!


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