All the little things: April

April 28, 2018Hels

April has been a really lovely month, spring has finally sprung!

We’ve had a heatwave, we’ve had blossom, we’ve had consecutive days of sunshine and I’ve finally hung up my winter coat! This has been a pretty busy month, but it’s been lovely. Here are some of my favourite little moments that made my April…


This has been a really good month for reading. I think the best book I’ve read this month was The Tattooist of Auschwitz (Heather Morris). I think it is a book that everyone should read – it is heartbreaking and emotional, but it’s a story of survival and incredible strength. I’m halfway through All The Light We Cannot See (Anthony Doerr) and really enjoying that.


I bought some stripy trousers from Pull & Bear and I love them. I’ve been wearing them everywhere. We’ve also booked a cheap family holiday to Nimes in the south of France for the end of May which I’m so excited about. We went to Portugal last year for our first family holiday when Dougie was six months old, so I’m really looking forward to a trip now he’s a little bit older!

Day out

I went back to Leicester which was really lovely, although a long train ride by myself with a toddler and a lot of bags is not the most fun thing. I got to see my wonderful friends, Abbey and Hannah while I was there, which was lovely. I also got to spend a day with my best friend, who lives in Australia, but was back in England for a couple of weeks. We went to see Hamilton which was incredible, and ate ridiculous doughnuts from Doughnut Time – that was a very good day! She also asked me to be her bridesmaid when she gets married next year, which made me very happy!

Dougie moment

Tantrums aside, Dougie has been the most adorable, wonderful kid this month. He’s obsessed with pushing his buggy everywhere, and he just doesn’t stop running around. He loves reading so much which makes me really happy, and although I’m in a state of denial about how quickly he’s growing up, I love getting to watch him change and develop every single day. I can’t really pick a single favourite Dougie moment this month, though I think watching him with my Dad when I was at home with my family was a definite highlight.


I’ve had quite a bit of freelance work this month, and I had a few really hectic days where I was frantically trying to juggle a million and one things, but I managed it all, and I’m so proud of that!


I love this photo of my Dad and Dougie. When Dougie sees my Dad, I’m basically forgotten about, he completely adores him, which is really lovely to see. Dougie had just thrown an epic tantrum because I wouldn’t let him walk the buggy into the middle of busy road (I know, I’m such a mean Mum) so my Dad was calming him down by pointing out passing buses which Dougie gets very excited about.


What have been your favourite moments this month?

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