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Creating the perfect photo gift

April 19, 2018Hels

I absolutely love getting photos printed, and it’s something I’ve resolved to do more often…

The last couple of years have been filled with some pretty big events, including having Dougie, going on our first family holiday, getting married and heading to Mexico for our honeymoon. We have hundreds of photos documenting the last couple of years, but most of them are only viewed on a small screen.

We wanted to create photobooks of our wedding for our families as we thought it would be lovely gift, so I headed to the Cheerz* website. I’ve used Cheerz before when I wanted some photos printed for our wedding, and I’ve always been really impressed with the quality.

Photobook from Cheerz

Creating a photobook is really straightforward, you simply upload your photos, and then Cheerz will either organise them chronologically for you into a photobook, or you can drag and drop them yourself. There are different colours you choose choose for the cover, and you can add text and different layouts.

We also ordered some prints, a selection of classic photo prints (11x15cm) and some larger ones (15x20cm). These all arrived really quickly, and we were really pleased with the quality. We’ve updated some of the photos we have framed on our wall, and the rest we’ve kept safe for when we move to a bigger home and can display even more photos!

The photobooks are absolutely beautiful. We created a wedding book and a Dougie book, and I think this is something I’ll try to do each year, so we’ll be able to sit and look back over these in years to come. Everyone that has seen them, and those who received them as gifts have been so happy and impressed with them.

Photobook from Cheerz

I think photobooks are such a lovely gift to give to loved ones, and there’s nothing quite like being able to browse through physical photo albums, rather than scrolling through photos on a phone!

Do you get photos printed often? How do you display your favourite pictures?

*Cheerz very kindly gifted me the photobooks and prints, but all opinions are my own.

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