@ParentBlogsRT – A new account for parenting bloggers

April 16, 2018Hels

We’ve created a new Twitter account to help support and promote parenting bloggers…

When I started getting to know more bloggers, and became a part of the blogging community, the group of people that I am now lucky enough to call friends are a mix of lifestyle, beauty and parenting bloggers, sharing their amazing content daily.

However, Sarah and I noticed that there didn’t seem to be a RT account specifically aimed at parent bloggers. There are some fabulous parent/mummy blogger accounts that run chats, but none that we’ve found that really promote us parenting bloggers regularly.


While we’re really grateful to all the accounts that do share our parenting posts, we thought, why not create our own account?! So, we did. We have created @ParentBlogsRT which we will use to to help promote and share all the incredible parenting blogs out there!

I can’t wait to discover and help promote new blogs through this account, so come and give us a follow and say hi, and if you’re a parenting blogger, be sure to tag us in your promo posts!

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