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All the little things: March

March 31, 2018Hels

It’s the end of another month, and this time, the month ends with chocolate!

March seems to have been really busy, I’ve had quite a lot on at work and Dougie has suddenly decided that anytime from 4am is morning and as a result I am shaaaaattered. In spite of my tiredness levels, March has been a really lovely month, so here are some of my favourite things…


I’ve read quite a lot in March. I think my favourite was A Hundred Pieces of Me (Lucy Dillon). It’s a story about a young woman who is starting over after her marriage ends. She decides to get rid of all but 100 possessions, and the story sees her moving forward and moving on. It’s a really lovely book, and definitely worth reading.

TV Show

Sam and I are rewatching Line of Duty, which is excellent. I’m enjoying rewatching it more than I expected as I’m spotting things I missed before. It’s an amazing show, I’d highly recommend it if you enjoy police dramas!

Dougie moment

Well. This month has been tough to say the least. He’s suddenly become such a toddler. He’s started waking up ridiculously early, and not wanting to go back to sleep, but of course this makes him extra grumpy and tantrums are now frequent. He definitely knows what he wants and doesn’t want, and exclaims “NO” at most things. However, Mother’s Day fell in early March, and I had the loveliest meal with Sam and Dougie, and a really thoughtful gift from them. I also took him to the Science Museum and it was really fun having a proper day out with him (even if he obviously ignored all the exhibitions and just wanted to walk up and down the stairs there). Oh, and he spent a good 20 minutes the other day sorting our socks out and trying to wear his socks like a scarf, which was adorable.


I went to Brussels with Hannah which was a really lovely weekend away. Sam, Dougie and I also went to Leicester last weekend to see my family which was so nice. I wish I could see them more. Dougie was obviously attached to my Dad for most of the weekend!


Uhm… I can’t really think of anything to be honest! I’m proud of all the baking I’ve done, does that count? I don’t really bake much, but I fancied creating some Easter treats! I also redesigned my blog and I’m really proud of it!


I love this one of Dougie “helping” me set up my Easter cupcakes!

What have been your favourite moments this month?



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