A weekend with a toddler

March 23, 2018Hels

Every weekend with a toddler is different, but a weekend spent with Dougie and Sam is my favourite way to spend the days…

Sarah, who was the first blogger I ever properly spoke to, has a gorgeous son called Oliver. I love seeing and reading about how he’s getting on – it’s always a fun little insight for me as well, as he’s two months older than Dougie. We thought it would be a fun blog post to each keep a diary of a weekend with the toddlers, and I’m really intrigued to see how different the two boys are! I put little notes on my phone as the weekend went on so a lot of this was written very much in the moment!

Saturday morning

6:38am: I’m slowly pulled from sleep by the adorable sounds of Dougie babbling to himself in his room. He’s just chatting away so I’ll see how long I can get away with being tucked up in my duvet…

7:02am: Okay, the babbling is now getting a little more shrieky… I get up and go and get him and slide him into bed between Sam and I, hoping for some cosy Saturday morning cuddles. He immediately clambers out of bed and runs into the living room. He returns carrying some building blocks, which he piles onto the bedside table. Next comes a toy train, a bucket, and finally we are joined by a selection of Spot the Dog books. He happily sits in between us reading for a few minutes and occasionally gives us kisses and head pats.

8:00am: Breakfast time! Dougie is currently obsessed with overnight oats, so he happily devours two bowls of them – I’ve never seen him eat anything so neatly, he literally scrapes his spoon across the bowl to get every last oat! Afterwards I get him dressed into his cute red trousers from Gap, and his car jumper from H&M.

9:45am: Sam takes Dougie to do the weekly food shop while I whizz around attempting to tidy our flat which is an absolute state. It does amaze me how much mess a tiny human can make. Apparently Dougie was really well behaved until they reached the checkout, when he decided that all the shopping that went on the conveyor belt really should be on the floor instead… At least he was really helpful when it came to unpacking everything at home!

11:30am: Tantrum #1 of the day. I wouldn’t let him empty the dishwasher… Calmed him down with books.

Saturday afternoon

12:30pm: We’re heading to a friend’s birthday in Kentish Town. Dougie hasn’t napped and it’s snowing so we’ve decided to drive so he can nap in the car and we don’t have to lug the buggy up and down stairs at the station.

2:00pm: Keeping Dougie entertained in a pub is always a challenge. All he wants to do is run around, and climb stairs. SO many stairs. I’ve walked him up and down the stairs in the pub about 20 times. Luckily the staff are lovely and very patient. Bribe him with grapes to get him into a highchair where he has his lunch. The waitress very kindly brings him some crayons, which holds his attention for about a minute, then he flings a glass on the floor.

2:45pm: Nappy change. Bribed with Hey Duggee to get him to stay still on the changing table.

4:13pm: Tantrum #2 of the day. We stopped him from going into the kitchen at the pub…

4:15pm: I admit defeat and head home with Dougie. Ideally we don’t want him to sleep now it’s getting near bedtime, so I bundle him up and take him in the buggy and on the train as he loves trains. Bit of bribery with grapes and vegetable sticks to keep him happy on the way home.

Saturday evening

5:30pm: Finally home. Dinner time of spaghetti bolognaise followed by yoghurt. Most of it makes its way into Dougie’s mouth, a substantial amount ends up on the floor. Next up is bathtime, which he absolutely loves. This evening however, it finishes with Dougie doing a poo in the bath, which scares him and he starts crying. I try and calm him down while cleaning him up (and holding his little bum as far away from me as possible) and let him watch a bit of Hey Duggee while I dry him and put his pyjamas on.

6:45pm: Bottle and book before bed. Tonight’s book is Lazy Lion. Dougie is so sleepy he starts to nod off in my arms while I’m reading. I switch off the light, give him a quick cuddle and put him down in his cot. He’s pretty good at bedtime now and I slip out of the room and he goes to sleep.

Sunday morning

4:00am: Wrenched from sleep by some screechy wails from Dougie… Check the time, desperately hoping it’s not actually time to get up yet.

4:04am: Wails have turned into gentle babbles, I think he’s going back to sleep… It’s amazing how long four minutes can seem in the middle of the night.

6:15am: Aaaaand he’s awake. Fortunately, he’s happy to sit in between us with Each Peach Pear Plum for a few minutes and luckily I know it off by heart so I can just recite it with my eyes closed while he turns the pages.

6:30am: I get myself and Dougie up and dressed. He’s obsessed with shoes and slippers at the moment, and proudly brings me his slippers which I put on, and then he toddles off to fetch mine for me. I’ve been wearing my unbelievably cosy women’s sheepskin boots* from Celtic & Co, which keep my feet really warm, and have a really durable sole, which is ideal for running around after a toddler! We sit and read a bit more in the living room while Daddy has a lie-in.

8:00am: Swimming time! Dougie absolutely loves swimming, and the pool at Brixton has steps leading down to the water, so he spent most of the time walking up and down them which he seemed to really enjoy.

9:00am: Tantrum #1 of the day in the changing room when he realised swimming was over. Got the train home and he cheered up when he saw all the trains whizzing past. He wanted to walk back from the station, so we slowly walked home, watching out for the trains.

Sunday afternoon

12:00pm: Quick change of clothes for Dougie after he spills water down himself. We’re going to meet some friends for lunch. He naps in the car on the way.

1:45pm: Lunch with some friends and their six-month-old daughter. Yet again Sam and I spent much of the time walking with Dougie up and down stairs (we just need to find a nice pub with NO stairs!) but he’s very well-behaved when the food arrives, and eats his lunch in a highchair. Tantrum #2 takes place when I won’t let him go outside.

3:00pm: Outside the pub, waiting to get in the car. Sam can’t find his keys, so I run back inside to look around the table. I remember Dougie was playing with a Jenga box and blocks, so I find the Jenga box, empty the contents on the floor and find his keys at the bottom.

Sunday evening

4:40pm: Time to build towers and race around with his walker. Dougie’s also a big fan of hide and seek at the moment, but you definitely need two adults to play it with him. Sam cooks a big curry for the week ahead and I make some more overnight oats which Dougie taste-tests for me. Tantrum #3 when I won’t let him eat the entire bowl.

5:30pm: Spaghetti and vegetables again for Dougie’s dinner, but he wolfs it down and polishes off some banana and a yoghurt for pudding. He happily runs around naked for a few minutes while I run his bath.

6:00pm: Bathtime (poo-free this time!), complete with several renditions of Wind the Bobbin Up. He’s getting pretty good at ‘winding’ actions and gets very enthusiastic when it’s time to clap!

6:45pm: The Hungry Caterpillar is the book of choice tonight, but Dougie doesn’t want to be sat down, so Sam holds him and he high-fives his soft toys while I read. Both Sam and I give him a goodnight kiss, then Sam leaves the room and I put him in his cot and leave the room. We can hear him wriggling around until he’s comfortable and then he falls asleep.


This post is long enough as it is, so I obviously haven’t included every single minute of the weekend. We (thankfully) got two really good nights with Dougie while I was doing this post, and I’m pretty proud of the routine we’re in, as right now, it works for us all. I’ve loved doing this post, it was so much fun taking photos of Dougie (as though I don’t do that enough) and documenting the weekend in a way I wouldn’t usually do.

Go and check out Sarah’s post on her weekend with a toddler!

*Celtic & Co kindly gifted me these slippers, but all opinions are my own.


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