Eighteen months old*

March 17, 2018Hels

Today Dougie turns 18 months old. A year and a half. I can’t believe how quickly time has gone! I feel like I’ve blinked and my tiny bundle of baby is now a real little person…

Over the last couple of months, he’s become even more opinionated, more sure of what he likes and doesn’t like. He still settles himself well at night, and has even given us a few lie-ins – where I tend to lie there wondering what to do until he wakes up! Often he he wakes up in the mornings and happily sits in his cot babbling to himself, and it melts my heart to wake up to those sounds.

He still doesn’t have many words, but he has a few, plus he has his own ways of telling us things:

Dock (sock) – He loves socks. He brings them over to me, gets excited about putting them on and regularly brings me socks if I’m not wearing any.

Dada – This does now refer to Sam, but also extends to anything he’s pointing at…

Daaa…daaa (bye bye) – He says this so gently, and it’s accompanied by a wave whenever he’s saying goodbye to anything, whether it’s someone leaving, the end of passing train or when we finish a book.

Dada shhhh – Daddy’s sleeping…

Roaaaaaaaar – What noise does a lion make? Roaaaaaaaar!

Nah – He is very firm with what he doesn’t want.

Uh-ooooh – Any time he throws something on the floor, or can’t find anything. It’s also accompanied by a little shrug or concerned wave of the hand.

Patting his tummy – This is his way of telling us that he needs his nappy changed. He’ll then take my hand and lead me to his changing table where he will actually let me change his nappy!

He also loves fetching his shoes and coat and waits (im)patiently by the door as soon as he’s ready to go out.

I feel like I can understand him a lot better now, I can usually work out what he wants (and if I’m wrong, he’ll let me know). He loves cleaning his teeth and washing his hands and bath time is still his favourite. He’s now got 10 teeth, and he’s working on 11 and 12. Aside from horrendous amounts of dribbling and hand chewing, they don’t seem to have bothered him tooooo much…

He seems to have inherited eczema from me, though luckily it doesn’t seem to be as bad as mine was when I was a baby. His eczema flares up whenever he is getting a cold, which I know irritates him, but we use Cetraben Emollient Cream which calms it down, and he actually quite likes me putting it on, although the bottle usually gets flung on the floor once I’ve finished.

He still loves reading. Books with tabs and flaps that reveal hidden pictures are his favourite, and he brings me his favourites in the morning and we sit and read them. Hey Duggee is still the only TV show he shows any interest in, which I’m quite glad about, and he loves dancing around to music.

He wasn’t a fan of the snow we had, he begrudgingly came outside with me, and then proceeded to turn around and walk straight back towards our flat. He loves being outside usually though, if there are swings to sit in and trains going past (he’s obsessed) then he’s happy.

Tantrums have become more common, but we haven’t had too many extreme public ones – yet. He doesn’t really like being sat in a highchair, so lunch dates and coffee trips tend to involve one of us walking him around wherever we are!

He’s learnt to play hide and seek, which has to be one of the most adorable things ever. He peeks out from behind the sofa and finds it hilarious when I can’t find him.

Dougie gives us cuddles and kisses, and although he can still be clingy with me, when he clings on now, it’s with his arms properly wrapped around my neck and he’s started stroking my hair when I’m holding him, which makes me never want to put him down or let him go.

*This post is written in collaboration with Chemist 4 U. All opinions are my own.

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