All the little things: February

February 28, 2018Hels

February has definitely gone by much quicker than January. It’s been an absolutely freezing month – it’s currently snowing!Here are some of my favourite moments from the month…

As a family, we’ve had a relatively quiet month, we’ve all been ill at one point or another and I’ve had a lot on work-wise.


At the beginning of the year, I challenged myself to read 50 books. I’m so proud of how many I’ve read so far – and I’m doing mini-reviews of everything I’ve read in a post each month. This month I think the best book I read was The Magpies by Mark Edwards. It’s a psychological thriller, but its also quite easy to read, and I loved how it was written.

TV Show

We finished The Crown, which I already want to rewatch as it’s just SO GOOD. We watched Hard Sun, which is a pre-apocalyptic BBC Drama, and I really wanted to enjoy it, but it just didn’t do it for me. I haven’t really watched much TV this month, other than rewatching Once Upon a Time for the zillionth time!

Dougie moment

Oh my gosh, Dougie has been absolutely amazing this month. He’s been having lie-ins, he’s learnt to roaaaaaaaaar like a lion, his cheeky side is definitely coming through, and he’s just the sweetest little guy. He’s very into throwing EVERYTHING at the moment, and he threw a book that smacked me round the face. I ended up getting a bit weepy (it really hurt!) and he looked so worried and came over and gave me a kiss, and it really did make it all better! We took him trampolining which he absolutely loved, and I’ve taken him swimming and to numerous soft plays this month. Oh, and he also ‘made’ me a Valentine’s Day card at nursery, which now has pride of place on our fridge.


Day out

I went to Kew Gardens with Kate, which was so much fun, it’s such a lovely place to spend a day, and it currently has its annual Orchids Festival on. I also went to the Harry Potter: A History of Magic exhibition at the British Library with my Mum, which was brilliant. (Photo at the top is of the winged keys from the Philsopher’s Stone!)


This month I’ve spent so much time and energy working on my blog. I’ve secured some collaborations, and I’ve had more views this month than I’ve ever had before. Also at work, my editor and I have been asked to rewrite around 50 housebuilder profiles for our website, and I’m proud of how many I’ve been able to do.


I love this one I took of Dougie and Sam at the park. He’s completely obsessed with trains at the moment, whenever he sees one he jumps up and down screeching, so he and Sam sat on the climbing frame at the park, watching the trains pass.

What have been your best moments this month?

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