Ideas to celebrate Mother’s Day*

February 10, 2018Hels

Personally I think every day should be Mother’s Day, but I do really enjoy having a day that can be spent with my family, and I want to spend the day enjoying being a mother…

This year, Mother’s Day is on Sunday 11 March, and when I had a quick search of ‘things to do on Mother’s Day’, there were so many suggestions like ‘treat Mum to a spa day’ and while of course I would never say no to a spa day… I want to spend Mother’s Day enjoying being a mother. For me, it’s just about spending time together as a family. Before I had Dougie, I would always try to go home to see my Mum for Mother’s Day, and now I get to enjoy it from the other side! I’m looking forward to many years of artistically questionable, but hopefully lovingly-made cards from Dougie!

So I thought I’d put together a few ideas of things you can do as a family on Mother’s Day…

Cook a meal together

Sam is usually the cook in our household, and Dougie is always fascinated by what’s going on in the kitchen, so he is often Sam’s sous chef. I really enjoy baking, although I don’t get to do it enough, so I’d love it if we cooked a whole meal together – maybe Sam (and Dougie) doing the main, and I’d make the dessert, then it’s something we can all enjoy together! Plus, on Mother’s Day, I think all Mums would be totally justified in requesting their favourite meal to be cooked!

Go out for lunch

On the other hand, if you don’t want to spend the day in the kitchen, you could always go out to eat. Last year we went out for lunch, and it was so lovely. We all got dressed up, which was so nice, I don’t really get much opportunity to dress up anymore, though I have my eye on several of these beautiful Coast outfits which are perfect for special occasions. Also, keep an eye out, a lot of places offer a free glass of bubbles for Mums!

Mother’s Day 2017

Botanical Gardens

So many cities have Botanical Gardens which are absolutely beautiful to visit, especially if it’s sunny. Most will have lovely cafes, and they’re usually great for kids to run around if you have little ones. I visited Kew Gardens this weekend which was absolutely stunning, and there are great activities and areas for young children. Most gardens also have shops, so maybe you’ll get a big bunch of flowers as well…

Take a family photo

Like most people, I love having photos to mark an occasion, and photos with Sam and Dougie are my favourite, but so many of them are badly-taken selfies, usually slightly blurry with bad lighting, and inevitably Dougie is either glaring at the lense or looking nowhere near it. Mother’s Day could be the perfect chance to get a lovely family photo – you could go to your favourite park if the weather is nice, or ask someone to take one if you go to a restaurant. Then afterwards, you can print and frame the photo and keep it forever as a memento of Mother’s Day – it could even become a bit of a family tradition!

Have a weekend away together

If you want to go all out for the weekend, why not go away overnight? Whether you’re treating your Mum, or you are the Mum, a weekend away as a family is such a lovely way to spend a weekend. It doesn’t need to be anywhere far, but you could find a nice hotel, or even rent a cottage somewhere. We went to Bath and Edinburgh last year on weekend trips as a family, and they were so special. Long walks, pub lunches and a cosy night in – maybe room service and even a trip to a spa if you’re staying in a hotel!

Do you have any Mother’s Day plans or traditions?

*This post is written in collaboration with Coast. All opinions and fabulous ideas for Mother’s Day are my own.

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