Feeling valued as a blogger

January 24, 2018Hels

This month has been a funny one in terms of blogging, and feeling valued as a blogger, I’ve worked so hard without really seeing any results, so I looked at what makes us feel valued…

At the beginning I was full of ideas and inspiration. I redesigned my blog (I’m still pretty proud of it!) and I planned a few posts, took some photos and actually scheduled tweets, which is not something I’m usually good at.

Then my DA dropped a little, and this bothered me as I’d worked so hard, and put in so much effort on my blog over the last few months. Then I had a look at my stats. I actually don’t usually look at these too much, I’ll usually look at my overall monthly views etc, but rarely for individual posts, and now I remember why. I was so disheartened and disappointed by how few views some posts were getting, posts that I’d spent time and effort creating, posts that I was really excited to share.

I try not to worry too much about stats, and remind myself why I blog – because I love writing. For those that don’t know, in my 9-5 job, I’m an editor for a property website, and so my blog is also my outlet for all the things I want to write about that aren’t mortgages and interest rates – though if you are ever looking to buy somewhere, I’m your girl for advice!

Social media engagement

I was getting good engagement on Twitter, and (very slowly) gaining followers on Instagram, so I tried to focus on that, and I felt a little surge of pride when I hit a milestone on Instagram. It got me thinking about what made me feel ‘valued’ as a blogger. It used to be about the number of views I got, but my focus quickly turned to the more ‘visible’ stats – how many likes did my latest post get on Instagram, the number of comments on a blog post, or how many RTs I get. Because now blogging seems to be so much more than just your blog, there are so many platforms to promote and share and excel at to make yourself stand out.

It may seem trivial, to be so proud of getting more likes than usual on a photo, or pointless getting upset over stats, but when you spend time on something, of course you want to see that your effort is paying off, this is true of anything you do.

What do you think?

I asked on Twitter what it was about blogging that made people feel most proud, here are a few of the responses:

These made me happy: overwhelming it was the engagement and the commenting that made people proud – the fact that someone, somewhere had read and enjoyed something that they have written, which I think is amazing. But equally I totally understand why great stats are a form of pride, not everyone who comes to your blog will leave a comment, but with page views for example, you have a solid number, that shows just how many people have seen your content.

I do often think “What’s the point?” with blogging, and I’ve written about this before. Blogging is not my job, it’s a hobby. I have an exhausting toddler and a full-time job, so my blog does not usually get 100% of my attention, so I have to remind myself of this each time I get disappointed or fall out of love a little with blogging. I’m planning to still hold onto the ideas and motivation I had at the beginning of 2018, and pour as much as I can into this little blog, but I’m also going to try and let go of the insecurities, the comparisons and the numbers.

What makes you feel proudest when you are blogging?

(All photos taken by the wonderful Abbey)

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