Sixteen months old

January 17, 2018Hels

For someone that calls themselves a (sort of) parenting blogger, I do very few parenting posts, so I thought I’d amend that now my baby is sixteen months old…

The last Dougie update I did was on his birthday, which was four months ago now, and so much has changed since then…

While I still refer to him as my baby, I feel that he is now very much a toddler. He now walks like an absolute pro, he actually rarely falls over, unless he gets overexcited and tries to run quicker than his feet know how.

After a few tough nights, (which I’m pretty sure were a lot tougher on me than on him!) he now has a bedtime story (we’re loving Dr Seuss at the moment) and then I simply lay him in his cot and leave the room, and he goes to sleep. More often than not, he sleeps through the night – I’ve probably jinxed that totally by writing this, but he does, and he’s so much happier for it.

Dougie’s not much of a talker yet. He’s very chatty, but so far words are pretty unintelligible. We get a very distinctive ‘Dada’ – though it’s not really directed at Sam, and he’s very firm with ‘Nah’ – which is accompanied by a frantic head shake. He understands a lot though. If you ask him to go and get his shoes, he will run off and bring back his shoes (and usually several pairs of my shoes, but y’know, I always need shoes…) and he knows the meaning of all the important words – breakfast (runs to kitchen), lunch (runs to kitchen), tea (runs to kitchen), milk (frantically points to the fridge) NO (ignores) belly (rubs his tummy).

He can high five, give kisses, and he tries to do a thumbs up, though he really just excitedly points his index finger up at the sky, which is actually much cuter than a thumbs up.

He goes to nursery four mornings a week, and seems to really enjoy it. He happily waves goodbye to me in the morning, and is always stood waiting for me when I go to pick him up at lunchtime.

He loves the swings, he loves climbing up slides. He loves stairs, and thankfully he’s mastered going down them backwards on his hands and knees, which saves me a heart attack every time he’s near stairs.

He hates having his nappy changed, he gets frustrated when he can see things that he can’t yet reach. He picks up books and brings them over to me and then sits down on my lap to read them with me. He loves a book we have called Fluffy Chick, and loves lifting the flaps to find the fluffy chick.

He eats pretty much anything now, and he’s currently obsessed with grapes and satsumas. He likes walking round the park holding my hand rather than being in his buggy. A seventh tooth has finally made an appearance after a six month teething hiatus, and I think the eighth is close…

The beautiful blue eyes that he had when he was born are still as big and wide and blue, and now when he looks at me, there aren’t enough words to describe how much I love him.

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