Blogger Book Nook #5: Judge a book by its cover

January 9, 2018Hels

Do you ever judge a book by its cover? That was this months Blogger Book Nook prompt. I’ve really enjoyed doing these reading prompts over the last few months, I’ve found they’ve really encouraged me to read more, and choose books that I wouldn’t ordinarily choose.

Which book currently on your shelf has the most beautiful cover?

I think all my Penguin Classics have the most beautiful covers, which were the main reason I bought them. I was so drawn to them when I saw them in a shop, and I chose three books that I absolutely loved, and had already read, but I had to have these copies on my shelf. I’ve never actually read these versions, but the covers were too beautiful to resist.

Is picking a book based on its cover something you do regularly?

I think that is generally what draws me to a book. If someone has recommended something, or I know an author or particular book I’m on the look out for, then I won’t pay much attention to the cover, but if I’m just browsing then attractive covers definitely draw me in. It’s not often I purchase a book based solely on the cover, I usually read the blurb (and maybe the first couple of pages if I have time) before making my decision.

I’m definitely someone that gets swayed when books I love are rereleased with new covers though – my Ravenclaw edition of Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone is one of my favourites. I prefer covers that don’t have images of characters on the front as I like to create my own images in my head, and I always got frustrated when they reprinted books if there were film or TV adaptations made, using the actors on the cover, because again, I like to create my own vision of the characters.

If a book was written about your life, what would be on the cover?

I have absolutely no idea! I’ve never really thought about it. If it was written NOW, then it would probably be a big swirl of baby, words and tea, though I don’t think it would be a particularly exciting book!

Do you prefer hardback or paperback covers? Why?

For actually reading, I generally prefer paperback as they are lighter and easier to open and read, but I love hardback books as they look so much smarter. I have quite a few hardback books, I remember when I was younger wanting new books and being told I had to wait until the paperback version came out, but I was always very careful with books.

What draws you in most to a book cover? Stunning illustrations? Pretty lettering? Interesting textures?

The illustrations are definitely appealing, especially when they are more abstract and don’t give too much away. Also, since having Dougie, and buying him plenty of baby books, I’ve definitely enjoyed looking at the bright and colourful covers of children’s books – and interesting textures are definitely a huge plus for those!

Mini review – Why Mummy Drinks

When I saw the prompt was to judge a book by its cover and read it, I wasn’t sure initially what to choose. I went into Sainsbury’s with Dougie and wandered over to the book section and this book leapt out at me. The bright yellow cover was definitely the most eye-catching, and I loved the little illustrations of the figures. Plus, it was only £3.99 so I was happy to give it a go…

Why Mummy Drinks (Gill Sims) is absolutely hilarious. It’s a diary of Ellen, an exhausted Mum of two, who spends her days battling the ‘perfect mummies’ at the school gates, attempting to feed her kids healthy and nutritious meals and spend quality time with them, before giving in to their demands for iPads and sweets, and then collapsing on the sofa with a large glass of wine at the end of the day.

She has an idea for an app, which turns out to be very successful (so naturally I immediately started planning my own ideas for an app which will make me very rich and successful) and I love the ways she and her husband think the money should be spent differ so much.

Why Mummy Drinks is so funny and heartwarming, and completely relatable. I imagine it wouldn’t appeal as much if you don’t have kids, but if you are ever planning to have kids, it’s a great read. My son is much younger than Ellen’s kids, so it was a helpful insight into the joys I have to come!

Why Mummy Drinks


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