Meet my January advertisers

January 1, 2018Hels

I’m so excited to be offering advertising slots on my blog, and I was so happy that people actually want to advertise with me. What has made it even more special, is that my first advertisers are three of my absolute favourite people and bloggers.

So, let me introduce you to my January advertisers…


Sarah – Just ButtonsSarah was the first blogger I ever properly chatted to, and I’m so pleased she wanted to advertise with me. Sarah’s blog, Just Buttons, is one of my go-to blogs. She has the most beautiful little boy, Oliver, and her blog is filled with helpful parenting tips and plenty of adorable photos. I love Sarah’s style of writing, and her posts are always very detailed and informative. She also posts a lot about days trips she takes with her husband and son, which are often places I’ve never heard of, but now they are very much on my list of places to visit! There’s such a lovely family-feel to Sarah’s blog, and this is reflected on her Instagram account, which is filled with gorgeous photos of her son and family.

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Abbey – Abbey Louise RoseAbbey is one of the most welcoming people I’ve ever been lucky enough to meet within the blogging community. Her blog is filled with absolutely everything, from food and restaurant experiences, days out guides, blogging tips and book reviews, and her Instagram is always bright and colourful. Her posts are always thought-provoking, and tend to stay with me long after I’ve read them. Together with a friend, Abbey started the Blogger Book Nook, a book club which invites other bloggers to share reviews and discuss books they’re currently reading, and I always look forward to her posts.

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Jemma – DorkfaceWhen Jemma said she wanted to advertise with me, I was genuinely smiling from ear-to-ear. Jemma’s blog, Dorkface, is one of the brightest, happiest and most creative blogs I’ve ever read. Her blog covers everything from make-up reviews and beauty products to her own personal essays and artwork and it’s incredible. When I read her blog, I feel like I’m curled up on my sofa with a hot chocolate, chatting to a friend. As well as blogging, Jemma is also an artist, and she has her own Etsy store which is filled with colour and creativity – as is her Instagram. She is hugely supportive in the blogging community and genuinely makes time for everyone.

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