Driving home for Christmas*

December 21, 2017Hels

I’m so looking forward to the Christmas break. Both Sam and I have a few days off work, and now Dougie is older, although he doesn’t understand what Christmas is, he can sense the excitement and he’s definitely enjoying all the Christmas lights and trees that are around!

Sam and I live in South East London, Sam’s family are in Surrey, and my family are in Leicester. This year we’re heading to visit my grandparents in Midgham, then going straight to Sam’s family for an early Christmas, then jumping back in the car and going to Leicester on Christmas Eve to spend a few days with my family. It’s a lot of travel, and a lot of driving but it’ll be so worth it!

Luckily I (finally) passed my driving test earlier this year, so I can help out with the driving – although Sam still prefers to drive most of the time which is fine with me! I’ve never really driven in wintery conditions but especially as we’re driving with Dougie in the car, I’m always extremely conscientious about keeping our car up to date for road safety. If your car is due its MOT, it may be a good idea to do this before any big drives you have coming up. If you live in the North, or you’re heading that way for the festive season, easy booking of MOT test is available in Dewsbury or nearby from Ossett Tyre House.

Sam and I have made a festive playlist for the journeys – obviously full of Christmas cheer as well as some of our favourite songs from the last year.

Dougie really enjoys it when we sing along…

I’m so excited to be driving home for Christmas this year (how many times can I reference that song in this post?) and I can’t wait to see my family. Last year was the first year I’ve ever spent Christmas away from them, and as lovely as it was to spend it with Sam’s family, it was very strange!

Christmas is definitely more exciting now we have Dougie, and even though I know he’ll probably be much more entertained by the wrapping paper than the presents, it’s so special to be able to share the day with him and my family.

Where will you be spending Christmas this year?

*This post is kindly sponsored by Ossett Tyre House. All opinions are my own.

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