All the little things: November

November 30, 2017Hels


This was the most incredible month. I can’t even put into words how special this month has been for me, but I’ll try!

Obviously most of this month revolved around the wedding and honeymoon, so this is going to be quite a soppy monthly round-up I’m sure! Here are some of my favourite moments from this month…

Dougie moment

I have two.

First: My Mum helped me get dressed for my wedding, and once I was ready, my bridesmaids came in, and they’d been looking after Dougie (I figured me struggling into my dress which had a lot of tulle and lace was not ideal with a baby running around!) and he got the biggest smile on his face when he came in and saw me. He reached out to me, and as I was holding him, he put his hands on my face and gave me one of his adorable, dribbly kisses.

Second: Dougie was pretty much attached to my Dad’s hip for most of the wedding, and wouldn’t go to anyone else, so my Dad did the majority of his speech with a mic in one hand, and Dougie in the other. Every now and again Dougie grabbed the mic and tried to bite it, or chatted into it, and then clapped himself. It was amazing, and so special.

Day out

Does our wedding count as a day out?! It was absolutely perfect, so many of our friends and family came to celebrate with us, we had Dougie there, the venue was beautiful, I was so proud of the day we created and I’ve never felt so loved.


In Mexico we discovered a shop called Bloomish, which is basically like Lush, but everything is made in Cancun, it’s cruelty-free and the products are amazing. We bought a bath bomb and a soap that is made from, and shaped like an avocado and they made it back to the UK in one piece!


I’m very proud of the fact I managed to get through my wedding vows without crying. I also made it through two weeks away from Dougie (crying was involved in this though) – I don’t think I’d choose to be away from him for so long again, but it was a special occasion, and it was something we’ll never get to do again – plus he got to spend two weeks being spoilt by grandparents so I think he was fine with it!


Well…I was a pretty big fan of my wedding dress.

Aside from that! I loved being able to wear summer clothes on our honeymoon. It was so weird seeing Christmas decorations while walking around in shorts!


Uhm. I have about 69349821 favourite photos from this month. I’ll just share two…

Dougie playing in the leaves outside the church 💙💙💙

What have been your favourite moments this month?

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