DIY autumnal wedding

November 7, 2017Hels

After falling into an inevitable Pinterest-shaped hole, I had so many ideas for our wedding. We were really running with the autumnal theme, and there were so many beautiful ideas for how we could personalise the day and really make it ours.

I was feeling a bit overwhelmed with Dougie, work and wedding planning, and I mentioned that I was feeling this way to Abbey and Kate. Both of them instantly asked how they could help, and so we decided we’d have a crafts day (and obviously this would involve pizza and wine as well).

Place names

I kept changing my mind on how I wanted to do the place settings. We’d been to a wedding where they had used polaroid photos of all their guests, which was really cool, and we debated that, but we really wanted to stick more with the autumnal theme. I ordered a load of pine cones (I went on a walk to find some but really struggled!) and Abbey kindly bought some red and gold spray paint. We made the sensible decision to use the spray paint out on the balcony, though still felt pretty lightheaded from the fumes!

I was so pleased with the results; the colours weren’t too intense but I think it made them stand out. My friend had lent me a (pink!) glue gun so we got a production line going – Abbey cut the labels, Kate did the writing and I glued them to the pine cones. They’re all such a mix of shapes and sizes and some are a little wonky but I love them.


I wanted to have some photos of Sam and I up at the wedding, and Cheerz very kindly sent me their Zankyou Wedding Decoration Box*. This included 100 square prints, a handy notebook, a silver pen, cute tape, pegs to hang up the photos and some adorable heart-shaped magnets, perfect for a crafty day!

I bought a cute frame with wire mesh from Primark, and Abbey spray-painted this gold. We used the pegs from the box to attach some photos, and we put some autumnal leaves on the frame for the finishing touch. I chose photos of Sam and I from all the places we’ve visited together. Each of our tables at the reception is named after somewhere we’ve been together, and I think including the photos made it even more personal.


A pick’n’mix table was something I always wanted to have at our wedding. I bought some sweet jars, and spent a lot of time browsing the sweet aisles to get plenty of sweet treats. We tied some pretty, sparkly red tulle around the lids and filled the jars up with goodies. I grabbed the notebook that came in the Zankyou box to write down what sweets I needed to stock up on to really fill the jars – you can never have too many sweets! Obviously we did a bit of taste testing too… I started out thinking this would be cute for the kids, but I’m pretty sure the adults will be eating most of them!

Leaf fairy lights

For an extra autumnal finish, we had to include some fairy lights. There is a gorgeous terrace at our reception venue, overlooking London, and as our wedding is the weekend of Bonfire Night, we thought there would be gorgeous views of some of the displays. We bought some beautiful leaf fairy lights (very autumnal!) and put these outside to give a cosy, autumnal glow.


*Cheerz very kindly sent me the Zankyou Wedding Decoration Box in exchange for an honest review – all opinions are my own 💚

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