All the little things: October

October 30, 2017Hels

October has been one of the best months so far this year. It’s also been one of the busiest, and pretty stressful at times as we’re getting married in a few days (!!!!) but we’ll get there.

Here are a few of my favourite things from this month…


I’ve bought SO many things for the wedding this month that it got to the point where the doorbell would go and I wouldn’t have a clue what was coming. We bought a flamingo pink Instax camera for the wedding, and I absolutely adore my letter board from Letter Writes.

Dougie moment

He can walk! Not just a couple of stumbling steps, he now happily stands up and walks around after me. I can take him to the park and off he goes. He falls over a lot of course, but he adorably holds his hands out for balance so he’s actually not got too many bumps yet! We’ve had a few rough nights with him, but he’s been so good generally, and it’s so amazing watching him learn and grow and develop every single day.

Day out

I’ve had some amazing days this month. It was my birthday on the 2nd, and Sam took me to see Derren Brown’s show which was brilliant, and completely confusing, we spent a lot of time just looking at each other in amazement! I was also taken out for the day by some friends as a hen-do, we had afternoon tea while having manicures, and then drank a lot of cocktails! Abbey and Kate also came round to help me with some craft-y wedding prep, which obviously involved pizza and wine, it was so lovely!


I’m proud of how much wedding prep I’ve managed to do, on top of looking after Dougie, working and attempting to blog! I also got to 1,500 followers on Twitter which I was pretty proud of, and I’m tantalisingly close to 1,100 on Instagram


Ohhhh as always there are far too many photos for me to pick from. I love this one of Dougie and I in Bishops Park (thank you Kate for the photo) and Dougie chasing pigeons.

What have been your favourite things this month?

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