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October 16, 2017Hels

I love that this blog gives me the chance to be creative and gives me an outlet to write whatever I want to write. Sadly I can’t spend my all days doing this, but I’m lucky enough to know some incredibly talented people who are able to use their creative talents and unique skills in their day-to-day lives, and so I wanted to learn more about them and what they do.

Jemma, AKA Dorkface, is a full-time Artist and Blogger, who creates the most beautiful, colourful paintings and incredible prints and portraits. She sells her amazing work on her Etsy store and I love seeing all her artwork. She’s also one of the loveliest and most supportive people ever, who always makes time for others. She was kind enough to let me interview her about her artwork, her creative process and her inspiration…

How do you start your day?

As I am right now; in a blanket, with a hot latte, organising my to-do list for the day over my laptop! 🙂 Usually with Youtube on the TV playing in the background. I’m usually tired and slow for the first few hours; I perk up more in the late afternoon to evening!

Where do you do your work?

We have a spare bedroom that we’ve turned into our own office. I work at my desk whatever I may be doing; painting, writing blog posts, doodling out illustrations. It’s my little creative hub, and I love it! My cats are usually roaming around while I work too.

What’s been your favourite thing to create?

I love painting, SO so much. Being able to pick up a paintbrush and create whatever I like on a canvas is always my favourite thing, ever! I have been enjoying doing custom illustrations for people lately too, I draw them digitally and they’re always unique to each person which keeps it fun. But yeah, painting is my ultimate happy place, and any painting I’ve managed to sell makes me SO happy! I keep photos of every single one as a record, so I can remember them all even when they’re in new homes!

What, or who is your biggest inspiration?

Oh man, this is really hard. I’m inspired by so many other amazing Artists. I think the one that comes to mind most is the painter Mette Lindberg. Her work is EVERYTHING I wish mine could be, and always inspires something in me. I truly recommend checking her out, Im in awe.

Describe a typical day for you

I’ll wake up anywhere between 6am and 9am and if Gary’s not left for work yet, we’ll have coffee and breakfast together. I’ll be checking what work I have to do for the day by going over my design schedule, my Etsy order list, and my blogging schedule spreadsheet. I’ll methodically write each task in my bullet journal, starting with the most important, and adding in any other random little things I may need to do (go shopping, go the post office, schedule tweets). I’ll work away on this to-do list trying to get through it as quickly as possible, making sure to take an hour for my lunch to get away from a screen. I always aim to be done with work by 5/6pm but I’m often working until 8ish. If Gary is home then, we’ll have our evening meal together, watch a movie or some TV, then read before bed. If he’s working late, I use these evenings to paint! I’ll put away my laptop, stick some music on, and have fun with the canvas! Sometimes I’ll be in bed by 11. Sometimes I’m painting until 3am. And it all starts again the next day!

How much time do you spend on each item?

Each one is totally different, but I know there’s nothing I create that takes under 2 hours minimum. The average custom illustration takes a whole day (or around 7 hours of work), and my paintings take a minimum of 3 hours, even for the most quick and messy pieces. The quickest work I do is usually when I’m creating a new print for my Etsy store, which is more like 2 hours. They’re easier, and I usually have an idea of what I want for each piece before I start, and that’s why I can sell those much cheaper than my paintings or custom work! 🙂

How long have you had your Etsy store?

I think it’s coming up to 2 years now! Although admittedly when I first started out it was just a little side hobby I barely worked on, and didn’t have much on there at all! Now it’s a full-time little business of mine, which is doing okay I think!

What’s the plan for the future?

Developing as a painter is important to me, I really want to have a whole range of paintings in my portfolio and on my shop. I want to be able to create something HUGE at some point too; like those massive canvases I see other artists working on, that I’m still intimidated by! I’d like to improve upon all my skills, and hopefully keep making sales obviously! The ultimate dream goal is to create and write my own Art book too one day. I want it full of my work, talking about inspirations, struggles, challenges and what motivates me. I’d love it to be the collect mix of a stylish coffee table book that people can dip in and out of, and something they can turn to for inspiration; to motivate them to keep creating! That’s the big dream. The only way I can start to work on that is if people keep supporting me, so fingers crossed!
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