October 2, 2017Hels

This year is bookended by two huge events – I had Dougie two weeks before my 28th birthday (my memory of my last birthday involves crying, breastfeeding and not sleeping) and I’m getting married (eeeeek!) in a month – BUT this year has been a busy, tiring and unbelievably happy year, so I thought I’d share 29 of my favourite moments from the last year to mark my 29th birthday…


  1. Celebrating Dougie’s first birthday
  2. Running the London Marathon
  3. Going on a baby-free night out with the wonderful group of Mums I met through NCT
  4. Travelling to Portugal on our first family holiday
  5. Taking Dougie swimming for the first time (he loves it)
  6. Sam surprising me with a weekend trip to Edinburgh
  7. Finding the perfect wedding dress
  8. Watching Dougie take his first steps
  9. Passing my driving test
  10. Being offered regular freelance writing work
  11. Meeting Abbey and Kate and eating amazing cupcakes at Peggy Porschen
  12. Booking our honeymoon to Mexico
  13. Going to see Kinky Boots
  14. Finally being given the all-clear after a series of bad smear test results
  15. Spending our first Christmas together as a family
  16. Cycling at the Olympic Park Velodrome
  17. Going to taste all the food for our wedding
  18. Spending a weekend at a spa with one of my bridesmaids
  19. Taking Dougie to Brighton for the day
  20. Getting 1000+ followers on my blog Twitter and Instagram
  21. Buying our wedding rings
  22. Getting back into going to the gym
  23. Going to B Bakery for afternoon tea
  24. My first Mother’s Day
  25. Having a family photoshoot
  26. Visiting my family in Scotland
  27. Getting a surprise care package in the post from Abbey & Kate
  28. Waking up one morning to realise Dougie had slept through the night
  29.  Raising money to help fund the South Leicester Memory Cafes in memory of my Grandma

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