Bloggers made me buy it – are these beauty fads worth it?

July 30, 2017Hels

There are a few brands and products which are firm favourites with a lot of people – and obviously not just in the blogging world. Saying that, it’s easy to spot when there’s a new ‘must-have’ item – certain products pop up repeatedly in beautiful Instagram flatlays or monthly round-ups.

I’m definitely someone who is swayed by pretty pictures and promises that if I try a particular face mask I’ll suddenly look like I did before a certain little sleep thief came along, and if any of my favourite bloggers recommend something that looks like it would work for me, I’m always going to check it out.

I wrote this post in collaboration with Kate and Abbey, and we’ve looked at some of the beauty fads from the last few months…

(I’d like to point out here that I am in no way an expert, I just wanted to share my opinion on some products I bought after seeing on blogs!) 

The Body Shop Himalayan Charcoal Mask (£16)

Charcoal masks have been around for a while, but I first saw this particular one on Ellis’ blog and really wanted to try it. However, when I was shopping with my boyfriend, we were in The Body Shop and he actually said he wanted to try it, so who was I to refuse?!

I absolutely love this mask. I found it took quite a while to dry and I had to scrub pretty hard to get it off, but my skin felt amazing afterwards and I have used it regularly ever since I bought it. I also think you get a good amount in the pot, so I’d definitely be happy to repurchase it once it runs out!

Worth the hype? Yes!

The Verdict = ★★★★★
Pixi Glow Tonic (£18)

This tonic was everywhere, and everyone absolutely raved about it. One thing I read on several blogs was that there wasn’t an instant effect, rather that you had to use it over time to see the results, so I persevered. While I do love using it, and my skin always feels really clean afterwards, I haven’t seen much glow or brightness about my skin, which is what I was hoping for.

Worth the hype? For me, no, however it is a lovely product, it just didn’t really have the effect I was hoping for!

The Verdict = ★★☆☆☆
Urban Decay Naked 3 (£39.50)

The Urban Decay palettes are absolutely beautiful, and I was always desperate for one, but the price always held me back a little – I don’t mind spending money on high quality make-up at all, but I didn’t wear eyeshadow every day and so I didn’t want to spend money unnecessarily.

However, I use this probably every time I go out of the house, and I absolutely love it. The colours are beautiful, they are so pigmented and they are so easy to blend. I can understand why beauty lovers invest in all of the Naked palettes, although personally I’m quite happy with just this one palette for the time being.

Worth the hype? Yes!

The Verdict = ★★★★☆
Makeup Revolution Acid Brights (£4)

I actually won this palette in a giveaway (thank you Ellis!) and I was really excited to get it as I’d seen so much about Makeup Revolution. The colours are a lot brighter than what I would usually use (but it looks SO pretty in photos) so I mainly stuck to using the silver and khaki, although I did attempt a slightly bolder look with the neon green, just to see…

This palette is a lot of fun, and definitely bold and daring, and I was actually quite impressed with the pigmentation of the metallics, although I found the mattes quite chalky. However, for the price, absolutely cannot complain!

Worth the hype? For the price, yes.

The Verdict = ★★★☆☆

Have you tried any of these products? Is there anything you’ve bought because you’ve spotted it on one of your favourite blogs?

Make sure to go and check out Abbey and Kate‘s blog posts on beauty fads, they’ve picked some amazing products 🙂

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