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July 22, 2017Hels

I’ve lived in London for nearly 10 years now, but I still find myself amazed by the sheer amount of things to do here, the sights to see and places to eat.

I thought I’d put together a list of some of the most picture-perfect sweet treats in London – ideal for anyone like me with a sweet tooth…and for getting those perfect shots for your blog or Instagram!

Both brunch and afternoon tea are always popular activities, but recently I’ve started to see so many wonderful dessert spots popping up around the city – all of them very aesthetically pleasing and Instagram-friendly!

Borough Market

I LOVE Borough Market, it’s so busy and always smells amazing. My office is just a few minutes walk away from the market so when I’m in office I often wander down during my lunch break. You can get pretty much any food you want there; fruit olives, meat, cheese and of course, plenty of sweet treats. Comptoir Gourmand is one of my favourites, I mean, look at these – SO pretty and so delicious! Each cake at Comptoir Gourmand costs £3.25 which I think is totally worth it – they’re all a good size and SO filling.

Peggy Porschen

I can’t do this post without mentioning Peggy Porschen. The pink parlour adorned with flowers has popped up on my Instagram feed several times, and I finally got to see what all the fuss was about. It’s definitely a magnet for bloggers (a very pink magnet), and the people-watching is a lot of fun!

I had the Summer Berry Pudding Cupcake, which cost £5.60 to eat in, and a Pink Lemonade, which was £3.00. The cupcake was absolutely delicious and looked incredible, and the pipette of jam was a nice touch. While it is more than I would usually pay for a cupcake, they bring your cake and drink to your table which I didn’t expect, and of course you’re paying for the beautiful (and extremely Instagrammable) location, so I didn’t mind the price too much.

Milk Train

I mean, who doesn’t want their ice cream floating on a cloud of candy floss..? Milk Train is just off the Strand, and I can totally see why people queue up for it. I love the idea, and it’s worth a visit for the novelty factor, but I personally didn’t think the ice cream was that great (especially for £5.45), although it does look amazing!

Pierre Hermé

Is there anything prettier than a selection of colourful macarons?! Pierre Hermé have an amazing selection of flavours.

Dum Dum Donutterie

Dum Dum Donutterie offers a selection of very impressive looking cronuts (croissant meets doughnut) as well as the more traditional-looking doughnuts. I had a Strawberry Cream cronut (£3.50) from the Brixton branch. It tasted amazing but was incredibly filling, and I wish I’d taken a photo of it before it got put in a bag, because all the cream on top got smooshed 🙁

B Bakery

If you’re a fan of afternoon tea, you will love B Bakery. Very pretty and cutesy, it’s a few minutes walk from Covent Garden, ideal if you’ve spent the day wandering around central. You generally need to book, and it’s not that cheap (£34 per person for afternoon tea on the weekend) however, I took my friend for her birthday and it was absolutely amazing. We had a cute, private room filled with plants, birdcages and cute prints, and the staff were brilliant, very attentive and the food was incredible. You have a huge choice of teas, and then a selection of finger foods, plus small scones with jam and cream.

(I’d like to point out here that I didn’t visit all these places in the same day…)

Have you got any favourite food spots? Anywhere else I should add to my list?

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