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June 20, 2017Hels

I love reading posts about people’s day-to-day life on their blogs, I think they’re such a fun way to get to know them and get more of an insight into their life – which is often a little different to a carefully selected image on Instagram or a quick, 140-character tweet!

My day starts any time from about 5am. I’d love it to start a little later, but the long hours of daylight means that no matter how hard we try to keep light out of Dougie’s nursery during the night, he always seems to be up with the sunrise!

I give him his morning feed, usually in our bed (in the fruitless hope that he’ll still be sleepy and want to cuddle up and snooze, but this very rarely happens!) and then groggily get up and take him into our living room.

He’s really active in the mornings, so I usually make myself a cup of tea and attempt to muster up the energy to play with him, and I’ll also check my work emails. Currently he just loves crawling around, and pulling himself up, so I tend to hide balls from his ball pool (I say ‘hide’ – I mean, I throw them around the room) and he crawls off happily to retrieve them and then usually tries to chew them. Playtime tends to continue for a couple of hours and he has breakfast about 7am – usually porridge and fruit.

I usually work from home, but I go into the office once a week. I work as the online editor for a property website, and I’m really lucky that I’m able to work from home as much as I do. I have previously tried working from home with Dougie, but as you can imagine, that never worked well, so we have a nanny who comes a few days a week. I put Dougie down for a nap around 8:30am, and then once the nanny arrives, I head to the office or to a coffee shop to work. As we don’t have the nanny all day, I tend to start work as soon as I’m up, although Dougie doesn’t always make that easy, and then carry on once Dougie is in bed, which isn’t ideal, but we can’t really afford to have her for longer than we do.

Work-wise, most of my days involve writing and editing copy for the website, I write a lot of pieces on different areas around the country, and what new homes are available there, I also do features on interior design, which I love doing, and have recently started working on longer, more informative pieces. Occasionally I go to visit properties or show homes which is always fun – so much house envy!

Once I’ve finished my work for the day, whether at home or in office, I spend the rest of the early evening with Dougie. While the weather has been so glorious, we’ve been using his paddling pool out on the balcony which is so fun, he loves playing in the water SO much!

He has his tea around 5:30pm – he is really enjoying cheesy pea pasta at the moment! Once he’s finished, we usually put him straight into his bath. He absolutely loves bathtime and he’s taken to crying when we take him out! He’s figured out how to pull the plug out, so he usually just sits in the bubbles until all the water is gone, happily playing with a toy.

Getting him ready for bed is a bit of a struggle at the moment, he’s SO wriggly, but once we’ve got him into his vest and Gro-Bag, he accepts that it’s bedtime and comes over all sleepy. I read him a story – he’s a big fan of Spot the Dog, and give him his last feed then put him to bed. This whole bedtime routine can take anything from 30 minutes to about 1.5 hours, but it’s getting better – he’s usually asleep in his cot by about 7:15pm.

Once I’ve snuck out of his bedroom, I can relax. He’s (touch wood) pretty good during the nights at the moment, so we tend to watch TV and eat dinner together. If I have any urgent work to do then I’ll get my laptop out and Sam will usually play FIFA 🙂 At the moment we’re also doing bits of wedding planning and the occasional holiday search… Now the weather is a bit nicer, we’ll often take the baby monitor and sit on the balcony – we’ve just redone it and I love being able to sit outside and read in the evening! I also fit in all of my blog and social media bits once Dougie is in bed.

We usually head to bed around 10pm – Dougie has a tendency to wake up around 11pm so I never really go to sleep before then because I hate it when I’ve started to doze off only to be brutally jolted back awake by a cry!

Obviously each day varies, especially now we have Dougie, but we have a pretty good routine with him, and it’s lovely feeling like we have our evenings back now he’s a bit older and getting better with bedtimes!


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