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May 31, 2017Hels

May has been a pretty busy month, though much less eventful than April. The big change this month was that I officially went back to work. I’m mainly working from home, but I am going into the office once a week, which is a huge deal for me. The first couple of times I went in was really hard, aside from missing Dougie, I’m still breastfeeding, although we started giving Dougie formula during the day in preparation for me going back, but it’s meant I’ve had to start adapting to that, both mentally and physically.

So, here are my monthly favourites…

TV Show

This month was the end of season 6 of Once Upon A Time. I know the show is completely ridiculous, but I absolutely love it, and they did a musical episode, and I’ve been listening to some of the songs non-stop ever since I watched the episode!


I finally got the Pixi Glow Tonic, and so far I love it. I’ve read on a few other bloggers reviews that it takes a while to notice the difference, but I feel like my skin looks a bit fresher – and considering the lack of sleep I’m getting I shall take that as a big win! It’s not dried my skin out at all which is great, I’m really pleased with it.

Also I tried a bath bomb for the first time, that was fun!

Dougie moment

He can crawl. And pull himself up. And wave. It’s amazing, and terrifying, and exhausting – he doesn’t stop! We also took him to Brighton for the day which was really lovely, I mean, most of the day was spent trying to stop him eating rocks on the beach, but it was a really fun, family day!


I’ve bought quite a few things from Etsy this month, I love my tea stickers from Dorkface Shop, and I LOVE my Harry Potter make-up brushes. How amazing are they?! They only cost £5, and actually work pretty well!

Blog posts

I wanted to add this section in, as I read so many amazing posts, I wanted to share some of my favourites!

Abbey Louisa Rose: One of the loveliest, and most supportive bloggers I’ve met, Abbey’s blog post, Mental Health: Surviving Vs. Thriving is amazing. She posted during Mental Health Awareness Week, but as Mental Health is something that should be spoken about all the time, I’d really recommend this post.

Ella Was Here: 8 Lifestyle Books You Need In Your Life. I absolutely love Ella’s blog, and I love new book recommendations. Ella’s shared a great selection, with several I’d never heard of before. Also, how gorgeous is the photography in this post?!

Just Buttons: I love Sarah’s blog, and she was one of the first bloggers I started chatting to – our babies were born just a couple of months apart so it was good having someone to chat to about all things pregnancy/baby! Her latest post, The Clingy Stage is full of helpful tips for when your baby reaches this stage, and as Dougie seems to be getting there too, I found it so useful!

Dorkface: Aside from being an incredibly support, and a super talented artist, Jemma is one of my favourite bloggers. She posted recently about Happiness, Comparing Myself & Tweaking My Brand, and it was such a positive, inspiring post – if you haven’t read it, you definitely should.

Wanderlust Pulse: Steph works as a rep for a tour operator, and is currently living in Cyprus. Her posts, like this one about Pafos Archaeological Park always make me want to jump on a plane and go exploring.

I could go on for ages with all my favourite bloggers, but these were just a few that stood out for me!


This ties in with something I mentioned last month, but I received this lovely handmade card from some of the people at the Memory Cafe in Leicester, which is who I raised money for when I ran the London Marathon. In total I raised over £1200, and I’m so, so proud of this.

Also I did my first long solo drive with Dougie and made it from London to Leicester, and then from Leicester to Heathrow in one piece, I was pretty impressed with myself!


I mean, my entire phone is basically photos of Dougie, but we got these passport photos taken, and its the only photo so far where all three of us are smiling, and I can’t believe Dougie is looking at the camera too!

Memorable moment

Brighton with Sam & Dougie was a really good day, as was the Foodies Festival with the lovely Abbey. Although it’s not one particular moment, I think having the sun out for a few days this month was absolutely lovely, being able to take Dougie to the park and letting him crawl around in the sun was really fun!


What have been your favourite moments this month?


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