Eight months old

May 17, 2017Hels

I wrote about Dougie when he was six months old, and I wasn’t going to write another update for a while, but so much has changed, I just had to write something.

Today Dougie is eight months old. Last time I wrote, he could get himself from his back onto his front, and wiggle around in his cot a bit. He’s now crawling, he doesn’t stay still. I don’t know where he gets his energy from, I wish I could capture it and bottle it. To Dougie, everything is a trampoline; he bounces in his cot, he rocks back and forth on his hands and knees, if you pick him up and stand him on your lap, he tries to jump. One night, after hours of crying, he finally fell asleep on my shoulder while I was stood up. I tried to sit down (literally inching myself slowly down into a chair) and as soon as my legs bent, and his little feet touched my thighs, he started bouncing. Sleep child, sleep!!

Speaking of sleep, he has slept through the night twice now. They were pretty magical nights, there was no rhyme or reason to them, but at least we know they do happen! Naps are still a struggle, I know he will fight sleep with everything he has, but we’re in a pretty good routine, and now we have cosy bedtime stories which I love. He loves the book with pop-up animals, he pats the pictures whenever I get it out.

I know that if he has a night feed around 11pm, he’ll be up bright and early at 6am, but if he doesn’t feed until 3am then we might get a lie in until 7:30am. When we go in to get him in the mornings he’s usually sat up waiting for us, and no matter how bad a night we’ve had, it’s all okay when he beams at us. We have turned our living room into a Dougie play-zone and it’s amazing. I think he loves it too, he moves around, pulling himself up on the sofa, sitting up to grab anything and everything and crawls frantically towards any screens or wires that happen to be nearby – ignoring all the lovely toys he has!

He got his first two teeth at the same time, we had a few rough nights thanks to them, and I spent the whole time wishing I could do more than give him calpol and teething gel because he seemed so sad and in so much pain. But now they’re here, and they’re definitely helping with his eating. They’re also pretty sharp…

I know that he loves apple, cucumber, bread, biscotti and porridge. He’s not a big fan of banana or broccoli, the look of disgust on his face is comical. I love watching him eat his dinner, and I never fully appreciated how much mess could be made with a piece of apple.

I love watching him with other babies, watching them interact and play together. By “play”, I mean slump on top of each other if they lose their balance, and reach out and poke and pat each other, it’s adorable.

I know that if he’s crying, I can lift him up in the air or show him himself in the mirror and a smile will break through. I know that he gets fed up in his buggy and car seat pretty quickly, but if we run with his buggy and make ‘wheeeeeeeee’ noises then he quickly cheers up.

He’s just learnt to wave, which is the sweetest thing, he waves happily whenever we walk into a room, and has started waving at other people now, and when he spots himself in the mirror he will grin and wave at himself.

I know that no matter where Dougie is, in his Jumperoo, in the cot, on the floor or in his highchair, if we reach out to him, he’ll reach his arms out to us.

I can’t believe how much Dougie has developed in the last two months, it’s scary and amazing and every second is a challenge but I wouldn’t change it for the world.

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