All the little things: July days

August 3, 2016Hels

Happy August! This year is flying by. August means it’s just five weeks until…I think he’s a Pineapple this week…five weeks until Pineapple arrives. Although I currently feel like he’s trying to kick and punch his way out of my tummy so I wouldn’t be surprised if he made an early appearance…

I wanted to continue my monthly snapshots (I say ‘continue’ – I’ve only managed to do it once, but I’m determined to actually keep up with this!) so I thought I’d take a look back over July and some of my favourite things that happened last month…


The Loney, Andrew Michael Hurley

My friend lent me this book and I read it in a couple of days, it’s quite an unusual book but definitely worth a read.


I didn’t really have a song of the month! I actually can’t think what I’ve been listening to – I’ve been listening to a lot of audiobooks because I’m finding it harder to concentrate on reading for prolonged periods (silly baby brain) – The Martian and my go-to – Harry Potter 🙂


I actually did a lookbook of some of my favourite maternity outfits. July was a pretty hot month, which is a little less fun when heavily pregnant. I think my ASOS off-shoulder tropical print top was my favourite thing I wore last month.



Sam and I went to Wild Caper in Brixton Market on a date night, which serves incredible Mediterranean meze – I’d definitely recommend the open chicken wrap and the hummus with sourdough – amazing.



As usual, I have too many to choose from so I made a mini collage…



We’re paying it off monthly, but our bathroom was finally completed, that was a pretty good purchase!



While our bathroom was being completed, we didn’t have a shower, so I had to make myself swim every day before work so I could use the shower at the gym, I was pretty proud of that. I also managed to sort out my maternity leave at work, and I caught some pretty good Pokemon, so that’s something!


Memorable moment

My baby shower was pretty memorable; I had such a lovely day. Also the fact my whole family came down and we went out for a lovely meal with Sam’s family 🙂

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