Baby shower

July 26, 2016Hels

This weekend was my baby shower. I know it’s quite an American thing to do, but I wanted to do something that meant I could get all my friends and family together before the baby arrives…

I got incredibly lucky with the weather. My shower was held at Sam’s family house, which has a beautiful garden, and although we had the option of the back room in case of rain, it wasn’t needed. We strung up bunting around the garden, hung up balloons and covered the food table in blue confetti.


The flowers were out in full bloom and the sun was beating down non-stop – by the end of the afternoon I actually got Sam to turn the hose on me in a vain attempt to try and cool down.




I was absolutely spoilt rotten by my friends and family. I had said that if people did want to bring something, then we’d love to have some books for the baby as we have lots of clothes and toys already, but reading is something that I’ve always loved to do, and it’s something I want to pass down to the little Honeydew Melon. I was completely overwhelmed by how generous people were. We were given so many books, as well as a few additional extras, including a beautiful blanket, toys and an amazing mini suitcase filled with everything we’ll need for the hospital.



My amazing and talented friend Hannah (paper artist: utensils0) made the most incredible invitations, and baby prediction cards. I thought it would be fun for everyone to write down their predictions for the baby – plus, I saw on Pinterest (source of all knowledge) that that’s what people do at baby showers… It was lovely that everyone filled them in, and fun to read them afterwards – general consensus seemed to be that the baby would be late and heavy!


It was one of those weekends that I really didn’t want to end. After all my friends had left, my family and Sam’s family went out for dinner, which was really lovely, and I spent the whole weekend just feeling incredibly lucky and grateful, so thank you to everyone who came (don’t worry, cheesy moment ends now).


The countdown to maternity leave is now very much on, and now there’s just over six weeks to go until due date…

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