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July 18, 2016Hels

Dressing for pregnancy is a funny thing. On one hand, I was excited that I got to buy a whole new wardrobe, on the other I was a bit distressed that I would a) therefore have to spend money on a whole new wardrobe that b) could only be worn for a few months…

As the first few months of my pregnancy were over cold, dreary, wintery English days, I tended to wear leggings and big baggy jumpers. I’ve mentioned before that I found as soon as Bump (what are we this week? Lettuce-size I believe) started becoming more visible (and it started getting a little warmer), I found that baggy jumpers just weren’t flattering, and around week 15/16, my jeans no longer fitted comfortably and so I started venturing into maternity-wear.

I thought I’d put together a mini lookbook of some of my favourite maternity outfits. I think I said before in my holiday lookbook that I’ve found bodycon things to be much more flattering and comfortable – if you’ve got a baby bump, embrace it! Plus it can be pretty entertaining when you’re sat in a meeting at work wearing a fitted top and suddenly baby starts visibly kicking!

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Ruffle off-shoulder top (ASOS, £16)

Excuse the mirror selfie. the top is from ASOS Maternity. I love the off-shoulder design and the tropical print was suitably summery for the mini heat wave we seem to be experiencing!


Strappy vest (New Look, £4.49), Geo Print Shorts (ASOS, £8.00)

Pre-pregnancy, I was usually a size 10 in ASOS clothes, so I assumed I would be the same in maternity, so I had a whale of a time ordering a load of outfits, but because maternity-wear generally involves basically adding extra stretch to clothes, I actually found I dropped to a size 8 for ASOS Maternity. This inevitably meant I had to send everything back – this is why more shops need to stock their maternity-wear IN store! Obviously ASOS is only online so it can be a bit hit and miss, but they definitely have one of the biggest maternity ranges I’ve found.

I ordered these shorts, which I think are adorable. They’re quite a lightweight stretch jersey with a below-bump waistband, and especially over these last few sunny days, they’ve been great to pair with simple vest tops.


White stripe vest (New Look, £4.00), Cropped leggings (ASOS, £10.00)

This New Look vest has probably been one of my favourite purchases. It’s one of the few white tops that isn’t practically see-through when you put it on which is always a winner in my book. It’s soft and stretchy and it’s definitely become one of my wardrobe staples.

Leggings are a necessary pregnancy purchase. They’re a lot more comfortable than jeans, particularly when it gets warmer. I’ve found most maternity leggings (like these ones) sit above your bump, but because they’re just a lightweight, stretch jersey, you don’t overheat in them.


Black floral print cap sleeve dress (New Look, £10 – sale!)

I actually bought this dress for a wedding as I was really struggling to find something that I felt okay in and was flattering and not too expensive. It’s made from lightly textured stretch fabric, and I loved the pattern. Plus, black is always slimming! I found that the majority of retailers that stock maternity clothes actually only sell them online, which infuriated me because I wanted to try things on as my body shape has changed so much, but luckily New Look on Oxford Street actually has a maternity section, wahoo!



Pineapple flip flops (Vero Moda, £9.00)

Oh my feet. My poor, poor feet. Basically any shoes that are even the slightest bit restrictive end up causing my feet to swell to elephant proportions. I wanted some cute, simple flip flops that I could wear pretty much every day in the hope of keeping swelling to a minimum, and these Vero Moda pineapple flip flops have done the trick.


Striped Dress (New Look, £19.99 – I think!)

This dress was from New Look, but I couldn’t find it on their website to include a link to it unfortunately. I only bought it a month or so ago, and I believe it was £19.99. I absolutely love it, it’s definitely one of my most-worn items.

As you can see from the photos, New Look and ASOS have handled the majority of my maternity outfits. This is down to both the range, accessibility and the price point. It was inevitable that I was always going to have to buy maternity clothes, but I didn’t really need them until about the fourth month of my pregnancy, and I knew it was only going to be for a while, and so I decided I was happier buying a good selection of high-street maternity-wear rather than spending a fortune on clothes I would only wear for a few months. Although the maternity leggings and jeans will definitely be staying in my wardrobe post-baby – they make eating huge meals MUCH more comfortable!

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