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July 13, 2016Hels

I promise this is a happy post, not a big moan, so just bear with me!

I had one of those days this weekend where I felt like everything was just too much. Every part of me was hurting; I had a headache, backache, swollen feet and carpal tunnel-y hands (that’s a fun pregnancy thing!) and while I love feeling our little Coconut move, I was repeatedly being kicked in the ribs which can get very uncomfortable.

I went for a swim in the hope of stretching my joints out and because the feeling of weightlessness is amazing. I managed 40 lengths but when I got out I burst into tears. I felt stiff and sore and just as achey as I had done previously.

I let myself cry for a few minutes (while stood dripping chlorine-y water in a tiny cubicle in the changing rooms) and then made myself take a few deep breaths and calmly got myself dried and changed. Once I got home, I put my feet up, made myself a cup of (decaf) tea and took a few moments to myself to relax and calm down.


I was thinking about how much of, well, everything is about the attitude you take towards it. Everyone has bad days, and I would never downplay a bad day, because bad things happen, and bad days happen. Some days you wake up and nothing goes right, but it’s what you do with it that can turn things around. I’ve woken up every night for the last couple of weeks with throbbing, aching hands and because of this sleeplessness I’ve wound up with annoying headaches and tiredness that makes me snappy and stroppy.

Pregnancy is something that takes its toll on a body more than I could have imagined. I’ve actually been very lucky; I haven’t suffered from any major pregnancy-related problems. While my pregnancy started out classed as ‘high-risk’, it’s no longer considered to be so – yay! Exhaustion, aches, swollen ankles (honestly, my feet would not look out of place on an elephant right now) and, y’know, this huge stomach I have to accommodate are all a small price to pay for the little Coconut that will be here in a matter of weeks. At our NCT class last night we watched a video of a home birth, and while yes, it’s not exactly pleasant to watch, especially knowing I’ll have to go through it, a few hours of pain for a life is definitely worth it.

This post isn’t just pregnancy related. Anxiety (both pregnancy-related and otherwise) has been popping up every now and again, but I think I’ve gotten better at adjusting my attitude. I know that not everything can be solved by a positive mentality, but if you wake up in the morning and say: “Today will be a bad day”, then chances are, it will be. I don’t want to sound overly cheesy or anything, but often if you look for something negative, then you’ll find it. If you look for the positive in a situation, then chances are, you’ll be able to find something that makes you feel better.


Six things that have made me smile today…

I was only kicked awake twice last night!

The sun was shining as I walked to the swimming pool – although I may have been a bit too optimistic with opting for no tights…

I swam 20 lengths this morning – our bathroom is being done so we currently have no shower, so I went for a swim so I could use the shower at the gym. BUT the fact I swam first made me feel good.

I was given a seat on the train – yay!

There are cookies on my desk…

I’ve found a way to keep my feet elevated at work (that’s what computer tower thingies are for, right?)

“Why, sometimes I’ve believed as many as six impossible things before breakfast.” Lewis Carroll, Alice in Wonderland


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