A very pregnant summer

June 8, 2016Hels

So…being pregnant in hot weather is fun. Really…really…fun. Who doesn’t love swollen ankles, hot flushes and watching other people enjoy a cold glass of wine on a warm, summer’s evening while you sit and sip yet another glass of tap water or lemonade? Plus, of course, you have the added weight of an extra tiny human to carry around with you.

For once, I’m very grateful that I live in England and will hopefully be going through my third trimester during a typically British summer of rain and cloud, but currently it’s warm and humid (obviously with a chance of rain and thunder), and I’m struggling!

I’m not claiming to be an expert, but I thought I’d put together some tips that are helping me during the hot weather…

Pregnancy tips during summer

Drink water. Lots and lots of water. Standard tip, but especially during pregnancy, it’s so important to stay hydrated.

Wear sun cream. Again, it sounds obvious but your skin can be more sensitive during pregnancy, and the hormones racing around your body cause the pigment-producing skin cells to react more strongly to the sunlight which can give you delightful dark splodges on your skin. Not something you want!

When you can’t remember what it’s like to be able to see your feet and your ankles are swollen up like balloons, light sandals or flip flops are your best friend. Not that you’ll forget the extra weight you’re carrying around, but if you can find sandals or flip flops with extra arch support then go for these because your feet are already under a lot of pressure.

Swim! Aside from keeping you cool and giving you a chance to show off that new maternity swimsuit, the feeling of weightlessness when you’re in the pool is incredible. Plus the exercise is good for you.


If it’s too hot, stay inside or stick to the shade. Sit by the air con or get a fan and sip water. Your body temperature is raised during pregnancy anyway and you don’t want to run the risk of dizziness or fainting.


Stay inside or at least in the shade. Freddie has the right idea.

If you’re on public transport, now is the time to ask for a seat. I still struggle with asking people, but after being repeatedly pushed and shoved around while stood up on a commuter train on a hot morning, I decided that feeling awkward for a few seconds was definitely worth it to politely ask for a seat.

Perks of pregnancy in summer

Go forth and nap. Completely acceptable at any point during your pregnancy I think, but even more so during the summer.

Have a baby shower! Get some friends over, have some good food and enjoy having a day that’s all about you.


Be grateful you don’t have to cram your hot, swollen feet into winter boots…and if there’s ever a time to ask for that foot massage…

Summer is the best time to show off and embrace your bump. I honestly felt bigger, and really struggled to find clothes I liked and felt good in when it was colder – the baggy jumper/tent-like look did nothing for me, and now I’ve passed that awkward “are you pregnant or have you just had a big meal?” phase, I love wearing clothes that show off my bump, and there are some really lovely maternity summer clothes out there. (Have a look at my babymoon maternity lookbook)

While everyone else is trying to get their summer figure, you can lie on the sofa eating ice cream with zero guilt…


…and don’t need to worry about holding in your stomach when in a swimsuit.


If anyone else has any tips for making a pregnant summer more bearable, I’d love to hear them!

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