Babymoon in Portugal

May 29, 2016Hels

Since I found out we were having a little one, going on a babymoon was something I really wanted to do. I thought it would be really good for Sam and I to go away for a few days, just us and spend some time together.


We decided on Carvoeiro in Portugal, and so last week we flew off on our babymoon. I was just over 24 weeks pregnant – wearing attractive compression socks and wandering up and down the plane aisle.

We stayed at Vale de Lapa in Carvoeiro, and it was absolutely beautiful. We had a gorgeous villa and the weather was perfect – I didn’t want it to be too hot, but it was sunny every day and there was always the pool or the sea nearby to jump into if I got too hot!


Whenever Sam and I have previously gone on holiday, it’s always been for either a short city break such as Rome or Paris, or a longer, more travel-based trip such as Vietnam – we’ve never really done the beach holiday thing, and so this was something different for us. The whole week was relaxed, chilled and exactly what I needed.

We explored as much of the area as we could – cliffside walks, gorgeous sandy beaches and plenty of ice cream parlours.

We went to Praia da Marinha on our first day, which has the most incredible views…



We drove to Lisbon for a night which was one of the funniest days. We stayed in an airbnb which was basically a cupboard – but the city is stunning – I loved the cobbled streets, and we went for a drink on a rooftop bar which had amazing views of the city AND they gave us blankets to keep us warm.


On our final day, we went for a walk along the Carvoeiro Boardwalk – again, incredible views and a lovely little bar at the end of it.






Food and drink was pretty reasonably priced wherever we went. On our last night, Sam ordered a steak where he was given a hot stone and grilled the sirloin himself, and I had a pretty impressive chicken kebab – both of which tasted amazing.


The whole week was absolutely incredible. I was really sad to be leaving – I know there is a lot of excitement ahead and I can’t wait, but I’m so glad we got the chance to go away and enjoy such a beautiful place together.

I’d definitely recommend a babymoon to anyone expecting – whether you go abroad or stay at home, just take a few days – especially if it is your first baby, it’s something so huge and scary and exciting, it’ll just give you a chance to relax and give you some time for yourself. With regards to holidays abroad, personally I wouldn’t recommend going away in your first trimester. I spent  most of that in a constant state of nausea and panic that something would go wrong, and I think being away would only have added to that. At 24 weeks, I’d had all the major scans, had the okay from my midwife and was feeling marginally more energetic than I had done for most of my pregnancy. I was noticeably slower when walking for long periods and needed to sit down and in the shade more than I usually would, but for me, this was  perfect time to go away. If you do want to go away a little later and want to fly somewhere, make sure to check your airlines pregnancy policy. Most airlines will want a “fit to fly” letter from your midwife ( make sure it’s dated!) if you’re planning to fly between 28-32 weeks.

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