Halfway through…

April 28, 2016Hels

That’s a scary thought isn’t it? 20 weeks through my pregnancy. Depending on what app or website I visit, my baby is currently the size of a small cantaloupe, a mango or a banana. I’m going to go with Banana as it sounds a bit cuter, and I feel like it’s slightly more accurate than a cantaloupe, which sounds huge.
We have our next scan next week, I’m nervous as I know they have a list as long as my arm of things they need to check for, but also excited as we’re planning to find out if we’re having a boy or a girl – plus it’s always incredible seeing Banana/hearing the heartbeat.

I thought I’d post a little update now that I’m halfway through my pregnancy…

In my last pregnancy post I mentioned about round ligament pain.  That’s a fun, fun thing. While it’s not a constant, on-going pain (for which I’m very grateful) it does mean I get sharp twinges and dull aches whenever I move too much, which gets very annoying when I cough or sneeze, or roll over in the night (thereby waking myself up). I’ve mentioned before how much I enjoy colouring as a distraction or coping mechanism for anxiety, and I’ve found it works just as well if I want to distract myself from the aches and pains. I bought a new colouring book – Johanna Basford’s Enchanted Forest, and I’m enjoying new designs in that, I’ll post some when I finish 🙂


I’ve also been enjoying going swimming; it’s so relaxing, although I think I’m nearing the point where I need to invest in a maternity swimsuit…

Another thing I’ve become more conscious of is the food I’m eating. I think I mentioned previously, once I found out I was expecting, I Googled pretty much everything I wanted to eat to make sure it was okay – my internet history was basically a list of things like ‘Hula Hoops and pregnancy’ and ‘Strawberry jam and pregnancy.’ I’ve previously interviewed Kirsty from Yummy Mummy Nutrition about what food is best to eat during pregnancy, particularly during the second trimester, and you can read that interview here.


I hate maternity clothes. My Bump, while having grown considerably in the last couple of weeks, is still not quite big enough for most maternity clothes I try on, they look ridiculous. However, I’ve found the best clothes are actually super stretchy bodycon tops and dresses – not maternity ones, so I’ve invested in a few cheap and simple dresses which will stretch with my bump until I’m huge enough to fit into actual maternity clothes!


Dress: Stripe T-Shirt Dress from Forever 21.

I’m also loving the sunshine, even though it’s still pretty cold outside (with the odd sprinkling of snow?!) – it’s making me excited for summer and our babymoon (yep, we’re going on a babymoon – I want a holiday!) which is coming around really quickly!

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