Dog nail transfers from Hello Harriet

March 6, 2016Hels

Combining two of my favourite things – nail art and dogs with these Hello Harriet dog nail transfers…

One thing I love doing is painting my nails – I used to spend hours doing really intricate designs, but unfortunately I don’t have as much time to do that anymore. Since finding out I’m pregnant, I’ve also been a bit anxious about using nail varnish too much as the fumes aren’t great, but after a bit of research, I’ve found that so long as the nail varnish doesn’t contain dibutyl phthalate, and you don’t do them too often, it’s okay.

Another thing I love, is my dog, Freddie the Frenchie, and when my lovely friend Hannah (AKA utensils0) sent me a link with some adorable dog nail transfers from Hello Harriet that included a French bulldog image, I had to try them out.

One of my favourite nail varnishes is my Formula X in ‘Thrilling’ polish and it doesn’t contain dibutyl phthalate – yay! I used this as the base colour as I wanted a light, neutral colour to show the dogs off.

IMG_20160305_120459~2I applied two coats, and once it had dried, I opened my nail transfers.

IMG_20160305_120607~3IMG_20160305_120655~2They were incredibly easy to use. Cut round the design you want – cut as close to the illustration as possible so you aren’t left with too much clear residue.

IMG_20160305_121059~2Peel off the clear top layer and stick the design on your nail, then wet the back with water and leave for around 20 seconds, then peel off, and ta-da!

IMG_20160305_121402~2IMG_20160305_122716~2Apply at least one coat of clear topcoat – it evens it all out and will keep the transfer on.

IMG_20160305_123332~2I absolutely love these – they’re really cute, super easy to use and hopefully they’ll last for a few days!


*This is not a sponsored post 🙂

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