Paleo Pancakes

November 6, 2015Hels

I haven’t been able to do much running recently (silly sore Achilles) so I’m really enjoying trying out new recipes at the moment. I love pancakes, but I’m one of those people that tends to pile chocolate/sugar/syrup on top of them, so I thought I’d find a healthier alternative for my pre-gym breakfast…



2 bananas

4 eggs

1 tbsp ground almonds

Blueberries (optional)


  1. Blend the bananas and eggs together, then add in the ground almonds. If you want to make blueberry pancakes, throw them in as well.
  2. Heat a pan with some oil in – I used a couple of sprays of coconut oil but you can use butter.
  3. Pour a good dollop of mixture into the pan once it’s heated up, and cook as you would a normal pancake! I found I needed to leave the mixture cooking a little longer than usual, otherwise the pancakes ended up being a little gloopy.


Ta-da! I added a spoonful of honey for a little extra sweetness when I was eating them. I think with practise they’ll look a little bit prettier, but they tasted great and filled me up for much longer than my usual breakfast!

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