Monday Runday

September 29, 2015Hels

The idea that exercise is good for your mind as well as your body is a notion that many people can attest to…

I’ll be honest, I wasn’t in a great mood yesterday evening. I was tired and felt a little run down and was getting pretty irritable of absolutely nothing. I could have just called my friend and cancelled our Monday Runday plans, or I could have walked down to the park to meet her, half-heartedly ran round the park and then slowly walked home, but instead I thought I’d channel my frustration and irritability into exercise and run it out.

I’m so glad I did. It was an absolutely beautiful evening. The sky was incredible (I do love a good sunset) and the fresh air definitely helped. Running completely cleared my head and I felt so much better for it. 10k in 57 minutes, not my fastest but it’s getting there!


I only started running properly a few years ago. I was absolutely terrible when I started, really unfit and it took very little for my chest to start feeling tight (I’m asthmatic) and I’d have to stop. But I kept going. Don’t get me wrong, I’d sometimes go for weeks without doing anything, but I always went back to it.

I’ve always much preferred running outside. I get frustrated running on a treadmill because I feel like I’m not going anywhere, and I hate staring at the seconds and distance in front of me.

I use MapMyRun to record my workouts. If anyone else has it, my username is hels_bels_ and you can view my profile here.

wpid-wp-1443540573037.jpg wpid-wp-1443541651567.jpg wpid-wp-1443540508006.jpg

I don’t own these images except the ones of me and my amazing H&M leggings and Adidas trainers –  but sometimes you need a few motivational quotes.

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