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An expert’s guide to SEO and blogging

An expert’s guide to SEO and blogging


Terms like SEO and DA are mentioned a lot in blogging, and so I thought I’d put together a (hopefully!) helpful guide to SEO and blogging…
Brews and books with Booths

Brews and books with Booths


Anyone that knows me will know that tea and books feature pretty heavily in most of my days…

Traffic light smoothies


Smoothies are such a good way to make sure you’re getting plenty of fruit and veg, and there’s a bit of a health kick going on in our flat at the moment, which is great. .

All the little things: July days

Daily life

Happy August! This year is flying by. August means it’s just five weeks until…I think he’s a Pineapple this week…five weeks until Pineapple arrives. Although I currently .

Baby shower


This weekend was my baby shower. I know it’s quite an American thing to do, but I wanted to do something that meant I could get all my friends and family together before the baby .

Maternity lookbook

Lifestyle Pregnancy

Dressing for pregnancy is a funny thing. On one hand, I was excited that I got to buy a whole new wardrobe, on the other I was a bit distressed that I would a) therefore have to spend .

Keep it positive

Lifestyle Mental Health Pregnancy

I promise this is a happy post, not a big moan, so just bear with me! I had one of those days this weekend where I felt like everything was just too much. Every part of me was hurting; .

The home stretch

Mental Health Pregnancy

It’s finally here, the third trimester, the “home stretch” as all my pregnancy books call it. There’s just over 10 weeks to go until Cabbage is here, and it’s all getting extremely .

Interview: MinaLima

Daily life Lifestyle

Showcasing 15 years worth of award-winning, creative collaborative work, the House of MinaLima opened its doors at the beginning of this month. MinaLima is the design studio of .

A very pregnant summer


So…being pregnant in hot weather is fun. Really…really…fun. Who doesn’t love swollen ankles, hot flushes and watching other people enjoy a cold glass of wine on a .

My Brilliant Friend – Elena Ferrante


Poignant, intense and beautifully written, My Brilliant Friend is written by Italian author Elena Ferrante. First published in 2012, it has been translated by Ann Goldstein.

All the little things: May days

Daily life Lifestyle

I can’t believe it’s the first of June today! This year is flying by… May was a pretty busy month, but a really lovely one. While there were some occasions that were bigger than .

Babymoon lookbook

Lifestyle Pregnancy

Finding maternity clothes that I feel good in is something I’ve found quite difficult throughout my pregnancy. I’ve found that bodycon clothes are infinitely better than .